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KURO LOLITA was originally released as a Halloween 2016 Limited Edition.

"Kuro" means "black" in Japanese, and the fragrance itself is black -- just give the bottle a little shake to unleash the darkness. 

Please note that, though they share a name and theme, all of the "Lolitas" (Lolita from our General Catalogue, 2015's Gothic Lolita, and Kuro Lolita) are designed to be standalone fragrances, though they do complement each other and layer well. 

We are reissuing a set of our popular limited editions from past seasons August 28 through September 1. Proceeds from these four reissued limited editions will be donated to Hurricane Harvey disaster relief efforts including: 

Austin Pets Alive! - Offers temporary foster placements and assists with medical and urgent care for pets and shelter animals displaced by the storms. Our own friend and lab partner Jack was adopted from the Dallas chapter of this fantastic organization. 
Texas Diaper Bank - Diapers take a lot of room on delivery trucks -- room that is often needed for food and urgent medical supplies during disaster relief efforts. Texas Diaper Bank offers clean diapers for families with small children (and adults with special needs) in times when they are often difficult to access.  
Houston Flood Relief Fund - A grassroots fund started by Houston Texans defensive end JJ Watt, providing assistance to families and communities in need, and rebuilding those communities devastated by the storms over the weeks and months to come. 
A variety of direct contributions to local Texas Food Banks & Shelter Efforts - Cities across the state are opening their doors and their pantries to families displaced by Hurricane Harvey, and a variety of state and local food banks and shelters are in need of food, basic first aid supplies, bedding and hygiene products. 


If you are planning a Fall release order we are happy to automatically combine Limited Edition relief orders with your Fall order. 


☾ Notes: ☽
Black sandalwood, burning resins, straw, porcelain, delicate lace, wet stone, fog, wind-blown leaves

☾ Fragrance Family: ☽
Atmospheric / Woody / Dark


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