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Orders placed this week are shipping within 15-24 business days. Apologies for the longer than usual lead times - Fall is one of our busiest times of the year and we are working to ship orders as quickly as we can :) 

Business days are Monday - Friday and exclude weekends and holidays. While most orders ship quicker than our estimated processing time, some items (including many Legacy collection fragrances) are bottled to order and may require additional lead time.


Upcoming Releases & Restocks:  



November Legacies will be delayed. I didn't want to inundate everyone with seasonal releases on top of new Legacies, so November's Legacies will be coming a little later in the month :) If you haven't already, please check out our monthly Legacy info page for all the details. 


Fall and Halloween will be available FRIDAY, 10/28 at noon Central time!

Apologies for the later than usual release - I wanted to be more caught up with the order queue before releasing new collections :)




  • A special note about supply chain: (I know, I know, SuPpLy ChAiN: everyone's least favorite words.) For the time being, some items may be shipped in alternate bottles or with different shaped or colored lids than usual. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this might cause; rest assured all such substitutions are temporary, and are caused by delayed shipment/manufacturing of some of our usual bottles/tops. 

  • A few GC items remain out of stock or limited stock -- due to continued global supply chain disruptions I have a few back-ordered ingredients, which means that some of our favorites can't be restocked regularly, or only very small batches can be made at a time. At this time I am not anticipating that anything will need to be discontinued or reformulated; some of our supplies are simply facing lengthy delays. If a fragrance you're after has been out of stock for a longer than usual period of time, please don't worry! It will be restocked as soon as components arrive :) 

We are currently NOT able to ship to the UK 

Due to UK VAT regulations we have had to temporarily suspend new orders from the United Kingdom. UK shipping will resume as soon as possible. I'm so sorry for any inconvenience or disappointment caused.

USPS shipping has returned for Australia and New Zealand.

Australia and New Zealand have recently begun accepting USPS First Class packages after a long hiatus. Both USPS and UPS shipping options are now available to AUS and NZ; please note, however, that USPS International mail via AUS/NZ Post is UNINSURED against loss or damage. The only insured shipping option to AUS/NZ is UPS. 


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