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Last updated: 10/26/20

 Special Information Regarding COVID-19

We are doing our best to operate as closely to "business as usual" as we possibly can. With that said, we are a (very) small and (currently) home-based business, so we've had to make some adjustments to keep things operating with as little interruption as possible while working on a limited schedule, and with an even more limited staff than usual. Our local school district has closed schools through October, 2020. This means that I'll have a school-aged child at home with me during the day, and our "work hours" need to be adjusted, causing workflow interruptions.

Orders are taking a bit of extra time to ship. We are currently experiencing delays with some of our supply shipments. As a result, processing times may be temporarily impacted. We ask for your understanding in the event that things temporarily slow down a bit while we wait for delayed supply & component deliveries. 

Replies to messages and emails may be delayed. Due to workflow changes & limited staff, it might take me a little bit longer to read and reply to messages. I apologize for any inconvenience. If you've sent an email and have not received a response (please check your Spam or Junk Mail folder for a reply!) after 5 business days, please do not hesitate to send another message or reach out via DM on one of our social channels -- due to the volume of messages we receive, and the current scheduling adjustments we've had to make I do occasionally miss an email (I'm so sorry!); rest assured I don't want anyone to feel left out or forgotten, so don't hesitate to reach out if you need assistance :) 

USPS delivery schedules are currently delayed. Once your order is shipped, it might take a little bit longer than usual to reach you due to nationwide carrier slowdowns. This is true for domestic First Class and Priority shipments (which may take an extra ~3-5 days on average to reach you) as well as International mail, which may face more significant delays as a result of fewer outbound International flights at this time, as well as significant backlogs at most US Customs facilities. You might also notice inconsistent, missing, or sporadic tracking scans for many packages. Unfortunately this is currently normal and expected for a majority of USPS packages. I'm so sorry! 

Free Samples are temporarily unavailable. While we always do our best to include free samples whenever possible, we regret that supply chain delays and component shortages mean that we are currently unable to include them in most order batches. We will instead be including stickers or other fun surprises as available :) 

Let's all be excellent to each other (from a safe distance!!) & we'll get through this. Wash those hands, friends!

Sixteen92 Head Witch

Currently Processing:

Currently processing FRAGRANCE orders from 9/15 - 10/4
and LINEN MIST / HAIR CARE orders from 9/12 - 9/20 

A SMALL number of fragrance orders from prior to 9/15 are still awaiting shipment; we had an unexpected delay which has impacted a small group of orders. I'm working to get these shipped out within the next few business days. I am so sorry for the wait! 

If you ordered during our whipped soap Pre-Order, these orders have begun shipping; I am working in batches and shipping these each weekend.


FYI: As of the date posted above, the total order queue contains 605 orders, 330 of which are in the current processing group posted above.
(not inclusive of the remaining Resurrection orders; these are tallied separately below :))


If your order is needed urgently by a specific date and you are unsure whether our processing time will work with your schedule, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us! Due to the handmade/made-to-order nature of many of our products we are unable to guarantee a specific delivery date but we are always happy to do everything we can to assist.


What does "processing" mean exactly? A majority of our products are made and/or bottled to order. When your order is "processing" that means we are bottling the items from your order and preparing it for shipment. We try to ship orders in the order in which they were received, but during periods of high order volume, we may ship orders for fragrance items only before orders containing bath/body/home items (since these items take a bit longer to make). This is done to keep the queue moving efficiently so that everyone gets their orders as quickly as possible. 


Processing time listed on the home page is an estimate of how long it MAY take for your order to ship. Most orders are shipped BEFORE the estimated processing times posted on the top bar.  During and after sales or new releases, processing times will be longer than usual due to order volume.  

Please remember that a majority of our products are made and/or bottled to order. Some product types (including bath/body, certain hair care, and home fragrance) take a bit longer to make, prepare, and ship than fragrance items. 


Seasonal/Upcoming Release Calendar: 

    Friday, 10/30 - Sunday, 11/1 - HALLOWEEN EVENT!

    • A duo of special Halloween fragrances (GOOD WITCH and BAD WITCH) available this weekend only. 
    • All fragrances Buy 3 Get 1 Free!
    • A dedicated landing page with all the details is available >> HERE! <<


      RESURRECTION Processing Info

      As of the date posted at the top of this page, there are approximately 890 795 650 480 130 85 Resurrection orders in the queue. 

      I sincerely apologize for the extended timeline for Resurrection pre-orders this year! Due to shipping and supply chain delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic (which has impacted things like bottles, shipping & office supplies, and certain components/ingredients, and also caused changes to our own workflow and office structure), this year's Resurrection fulfillment process has taken a lot longer than previous years. I thank you for your understanding and patience during this crazy time. I am currently taking steps to prevent long waits like these from being a possibility during future pre-order events. 

      At this time ALL fragrances have been completed and we are in the process of preparing and shipping all remaining order batches. 

      If you have not yet received a shipment notification then your order IS in the queue and will be shipped out as soon as possible! I am awfully sorry for the long wait and hope you love your items despite the delay. 

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