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Last updated: 10/24/21


We are currently NOT able to ship to the UK 

Due to UK VAT regulations we have had to TEMPORARILY suspend new orders from the United Kingdom. We are working to get everything set up and will resume normal shipping to UK destinations as soon as possible. I'm so sorry for any inconvenience or disappointment caused.

In the meantime, you may be able to utilize a package forwarding service, or we may be able to hold an item for you until everything is working normally again. :) 

AUS Post has temporarily suspended First Class package deliveries from US to Australia.

This temporary pause should be over within the next couple of weeks, but there is currently no definite end date. Orders to Australia are still being accepted but please be aware that your order will be unable to ship until the temporary shipping suspension is lifted. If you would like your order shipped right away, please select the UPS International shipping option at checkout (listed as "Express International").

Currently Processing:

Orders placed this week are shipping within 5-15 business days. Due to order volume from our Falloween release, current lead times are a bit longer than usual. 



Upcoming Releases & Restocks: 


    • Fall, Halloween, and Falloween Greatest Hits collections will resume regular restocks later this week -- both Parfum and Perfume Oil formats will be restocked. I will also be restocking GC Parfums and Perfume Oils a few at a time over the next 1-2 weeks. 









        Resurrection '21 orders are currently shipping! Please see below to get an idea of where your order is in the queue. 

        The Resurrection list has been divided into three sections:

        Completed (fragrances that are finished brewing and are either bottled or waiting to be bottled. They are ready to ship, or will be ready to ship shortly); 
        Up Next (fragrances that are being mixed/rested and will be bottled next); and
        Pending (fragrances that are not finished yet, but will be coming up soon!).

        Please remember that your order will not be ready to ship until ALL fragrances in your order have been added to the "Completed" column, unless prior arrangements have been made with us. In some cases we may have a partial (or aged/original) batch of a fragrance that is listed in the "up next" or "pending" column, so a few lucky orders may receive these ;) We may also elect to split some larger orders into more than one shipment at our discretion. 

        Due to the volume of Resurrection preorders we are unfortunately unable to provide specific information on exactly where an individual order will fall in the queue, beyond what is listed below; your order will be ready to ship once all fragrances in your order are in the "Completed" column. Currently about 75% of Resurrection orders have been shipped. Our current target is to have this year's queue completed in June. I apologize for the extended timeline! Due to staffing shortages I am currently completing all remaining order batches on my own, which has added a bit of time to the shipping schedule. I sincerely apologize, and am shipping new batches 2-3x per week so we should have all outstanding pre-orders packed and shipped shortly!

        Q: All of my items are in the "Completed" column but my order hasn't shipped yet. Is there a problem?

        A: There isn't! Due to the volume of pre-orders, it might take some time to get through the queue. Depending on when your order was placed and which specific items it contains, it might fall in a later shipping batch but will be shipped out as soon as possible! 

        Completed Up Next  Pending

        (Every Day Is) Halloween

        A Thousand Times More Fair


        Amarena Mascarpone

        An Excellent Day For An Exorcism

        Angel Food Cake


        Atropa Belladonna

        Bad Reputation

        Baker Street

        Bells For Her

        Black Sugar

        Black Tourmaline


        Cherry Cola Float



        Cotton Candy

        Cruel Summer


        Datura Metel

        Dead Is Better

        Doll Parts

        E Lucevan Le Stelle


        Eternal Return

        Formula 86

        Good Morning Bayside High

        Gothic Lolita




        I Killed the Teen Dream

        I Made My Family Disappear

        I Wanna Be An Airborne Ranger

        It’s History. It’s Poetry

        Kuro Lolita

        La Llorona


        Liber Officiorum Spirituum


        Lucretia, My Reflection

        May I Admire You Again Today

        Mexican Hot Chocolate

        Mind Over Matter




        My Whole Life is a Dark Room

        Nerium Oleander

        One Good Scare

        Party at the Moon Tower

        Peach Marmalade Cake

        Peachy F—king Keen

        Prom Queen


        Raspberry Zinger Cake

        Really Most Sincerely Dead


        Sacre Coeur

        Save Ferris

        Serres d'Auteuil

        Shadow Show

        Sick, Sad World

        Spirits of the Dead






        Thank the Dark Lord

        The Bell Witch

        The Bottling Room

        The Fall of the House of Usher

        The Garden Party

        The Grass Harp

        The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter

        The Island of the Dolls

        The Orchard Keeper

        The Path of Night

        The Primrose Path

        The Princess Di of Reagan High

        The Sisters Sarah

        The Sisters Winifred

        The Sound and the Fury

        The Tea Party

        The Unholy Masquerade

        The Witching Hour


        They Can't All be Winners

        They F-ing Forgot My Birthday

        Time After Time

        Toasted Marshmallow

        Vanilla Egg Cream

        Waffle Cone

        Waking In Winter

        We Are the Weirdos Mister

        When the Veil is Thin

        Yellow Cake Batter

        You Who Swallowed A Falling Star


        All batches have been completed! If you have not received a shipment notification, rest assured your order IS IN THE SHIPPING QUEUE and will be headed out as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience while I work through the remaining shipment batches and get them packed and shipped :D 

        I appreciate you! 


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