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Last updated: 3/20/19

Currently Processing:

Currently processing non-pre orders from 2/23 - 3/10 

If your order contains a RESURRECTION item, please remember that these are PRE-ORDERS. Resurrection pre-orders are shipped as items in your order are made and bottled, and are NOT subject to our posted processing time for regular, non pre-order stock at the time of your order. Any order containing a pre-order Resurrection fragrance will ship according to the pre-order timeline (meaning, all of your items will ship together). Please check the bottom section of this page for information on Resurrection batches. 


What does "processing" mean exactly? A majority of our products are made and/or bottled to order. When your order is "processing" that means we are bottling the items from your order and preparing it for shipment. We try to ship orders in the order in which they were received, but occasionally during periods of high order volume, we may ship some orders for fragrance items only before orders containing bath/body/home items (since these items sometimes take longer to make). This is done to keep the queue moving efficiently so that everyone gets their orders as quickly as possible. 


Processing time listed on the home page is an *estimate* of how long it MAY take for your order to ship. Most orders are shipped BEFORE the estimated processing times posted on the home page.  During and after sales or new releases, processing times will be longer than usual due to order volume.  

Please remember that a majority of our products are made and/or bottled to order. Some product types (including bath/body, certain hair care, and home fragrance) take a bit longer to make, prepare, and ship than fragrance items. 


Seasonal/Upcoming Release Calendar: 

    Monday, March 18

    Spring 2019 Release - 10am Central Time. Includes Spring/Summer bath & body release


    Resurrection Processing Info

    Please check this list to see where we are in the Resurrection process. This list has been divided into three sections: Completed (fragrances that have either been bottled/shipped, or are ready to be bottled. They are ready to ship, or will be ready to ship shortly); Currently Brewing (fragrances that are being mixed/rested and will be bottled next); and Up Next (fragrances that are next in the batch queue). We will endeavor to update this list 1-2 times per week, so that you'll have a good idea of when fragrances from your order will be ready to ship out. Please remember that your order will not be ready to ship until ALL fragrances in your order have been added to the "Completed" column, unless prior arrangements have been made with us. 

    Special note for PARFUM orders: As of 2/7/19 we are currently waiting on a large shipment of Parfum bottles, which is expected to arrive shortly. If your fragrance is in the "completed" column and your product was a Parfum, these will be bottled separately as soon as our shipment arrives. 

    2/18: Parfum bottles have arrived safely. We will begin bottling Parfums from the "Completed" column this weekend. 

    3/7: We are currently working on the backlog of PARFUM bottling. If your order contains item(s) from the "Completed" category in PARFUM format we are working to get these bottled as quickly as possible. We apologize for the delay. 

    As of the date posted at the top of this page, there are approximately 315 Resurrection orders in the queue. We thank you for your patience as we work through the mixing, bottling, and shipping process as quickly as possible! 



    Currently Brewing

    Up Next

    The following fragrance batches have been mixed, rested, and bottled, and are (or will be shortly) ready to ship. The following fragrances are currently being mixed/rested, and will be ready to bottle within the next few days. The following fragrances are next in the queue, and will begin brewing soon.
    (Every Day Is) Halloween
    Agua de Jamaica
    Agua de Melon
    Amarena Mascarpone
    Baker Street
    Bela Lugosi's Dead
    Bells For Her
    Black Tourmaline
    Cotton Candy
    Dancing In The Snow
    Death By Stereo!
    Der Holle Rache
    Doll Parts
    Dr Van Helsing
    E Lucevan Le Stelle
    Enfant Terrible
    Eternal Return
    Frozen Lemonade
    Funnel Cake
    Gothic Lolita
    Il Dolce Suono
    It's History. It's Poetry.
    Kuro Lolita
    La Llorona
    Le Demi-Monde
    Liber Officiorum Spirituum
    Lucretia, My Reflection
    Mein Herr Marquis
    Mina Harker
    Myrtles Plantation
    My Whole Life Is A Dark Room
    Never Trust The Living
    Party At The Moon Tower
    Penny Dreadful
    Room 237
    Serres d'Auteuil
    Snow Cone
    Storm of Fortunes
    That One Time...
    The Awakening
    The Beautiful & Damned
    The Bottling Room
    The Castle On The Hill
    The Cocktail Party
    The Garden Party
    The Grass Harp
    The Hen Party
    The Island of the Dolls
    The Primrose Path
    The Sisters: Mary
    The Sisters: Sarah
    The Sisters: Winifred
    The Spirit Of Christmas Past
    The Spirit Of Christmas Yet To Come
    The Tea Party
    The Weird Sisters
    Waking In Winter
    You Who Swallowed A Falling Star

    Four Fifty-One
    Her Kind
    Master Of Fright
    Simply Meant To Be
    The Sound and the Fury
    Waverly Hills



    Jack O'Lantern
    Les Fleurs du Mal
    Merely A Madness
    The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter





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