MARCH Legacies arrive Friday, March 1  

Get them before they return to the vault!





Each month, we bring smaller, curated collections of (typically) 8-10 fragrances out from the vault, giving you a chance to stock up on a past favorite or try something new from our extensive archives - all the way back to 2014. 

Each collection will be available until the end of the release month. We will post a preview of the next month's Legacy Collection shortly before they launch, and collections will be refreshed around the first of the month. 

We happily take requests for Legacy releases! If there's a fragrance you would like to see made available, please let us know and we'll add it to the list!



Unless specifically noted, all Legacy fragrances are available in Perfume Oil Extrait (6ml roll-on), SuperNatural Hair Serum, and Parfum (10ml travel spray and 30ml). We will also make a small batch of AURA Linen Mists for most collections, but these may sell out before the month is over and cannot be restocked. 

March 2024 Legacies:

⛅️ GRETA // Secluded garden walls, turned earth, quiet sidewalks, citrus grove, soft linen, sunlit jasmine, warm dew

🍏 HESPERIDES // Apple wood & blossom, sweet cherry, magnolia flower, clover honey, hedione

🐝 I WRITE SINS NOT TRAGEDIES // Bee pollen, wilted tea rose, golden orange, stone fruit blossoms, honeyberry, olibanum, cashmere musks

🧁 KOBOLD // Little saucers stacked with sweet fairy cakes and lemon petit fours, a sprinkle of lavender sugar, a tower of almond macarons, a spot of chamomile tea

THE BOOK OF STARS // The smell of space (meteor dust, ozone, metal, ethyl formate) blended with grounding white sandalwood, papyrus, and earthy musks (FIRST time offered for public sale - this was an ultra-limited Circle 2020 edition! By special request)

☘️ THE GRASS HARP // Orange blossom, clover, hyacinth, ruby red grapefruit, sweet basil

🌷 THE PRIMROSE PATH // Soaked earth, lichen, ancient oak roots, grass, water lily, heavy stone, a tangled garland of faded spring blooms

🌩️ SUPERCELL 2024 🌩️

limited batch : available while stock lasts

SUPERCELL is a conceptual, atmospheric fragrance that bottles the essence of a Spring thunderstorm. The first cracks of ozonic lightning in the distance, rolling humid air, sharp green grass under heavy grey skies, the smell of rain on hot asphalt, crushed green stems, windblown hay, soaked earth, and ancient branches snapped open by the forces of nature.

Our first batch of Supercell was released in Spring 2015, and it's returned periodically in extremely limited releases. Only a single batch is made for each release, and each year's batch is unique.

(Supercell will be available in 6ml perfume oil extraits and 10 and 30ml Parfums only -- no hair serums or linen mists for this fragrance)






(need to find out what was in a specific Legacy collection and don't see it here? Check our Instagram as most Legacy releases with full details are kept there!)


🗝 BAKER STREET // Earl Grey tea, dark aged vanilla, sweet tobacco, mahogany chairs, dusty leather-bound books, and a drop of blackest musk

🔥 CARNELIAN // Fiery clove bud, espresso, dry coconut husk, black vanilla pod, blood orange

🍒 HER KIND // Tart cherry, sweet almond, bergamot, sandalwood, ambrette, camellia blossom, tonka, sweet myrrh - This is a slightly reformulated version of the original 2015 release. It has been updated and (we believe) improved, while remaining similar to the original.

✂️ I’M NOT FINISHED // A mug of Earl Grey tea, ink-black leather, rust, heart shaped sugar cookies, topiary clippings

🪶 ROOK // Almond, vanilla, amber resin, clove, woodsmoke

❄️ TELEPATHY // Winter narcissus, tonka bean, immortelle flower, sleet, ozone, white amber

🌲 THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER // Pine & fir needle, frozen hemlock, amyris, sweet myrrh, shadowed stone, precious woods

🥃 THEY CAN’T ALL BE WINNERS // Tennessee whiskey, single malt Scotch, spiked cider, empty bottles, worn leather boots, spiced ale, tobacco, many years of therapy

🖤 WICKED // Three vanillas, aged patchouli, almond buttercream

🍯 WINTERING // Absolutes of hay and tobacco; beeswax accord; a spot of rare, aged patchouli; smoky black vanilla bean; warm, spiced gingerbread - This is a NEW & REFORMULATED version of the original 2014 release. This version is similar to the original, but has been updated and (we believe) improved. It is also vegan-safe, unlike the original formula.



🍰 BETTE // Angel food cake, floral honey, marshmallow, pistachio, French vanilla, loose black tea

🖤 BLACK SUGAR : Brown sugar, red berries, caramel, vanilla, tonka bean, dirt, cauldron smoke, cocao absolute

🍑 CHANGELING // A deceptively sweet concoction of delicate candied rose petals, a playful splash of blood orange, fresh peach, nectarine blossom, lychee jellies, and coconut milk

🍾 FRENCH 75 // Frosted glass, chilly aldehydes, citrus blossom, elderflower, snow accord

🌹 LA LLORONA : Bulgarian & Egyptian rose absolute, pink & white pepper, pink grapefruit, wisteria, cashmere wood, pale amber

🎀 MEIN HERR MARQUIS // Violet macarons, silk tulle, pearlescent powder, orris root, heliotrope

🐝 MELLIFERA // Wildflower honey accord*, violet, jasmine sambac, vanilla infused sugar, sandalwood
*the original version of this fragrance contained natural beeswax absolute and was not vegan. This is a lightly reformulated version which is vegan-safe and smells very close to the original.

🌙 TALIA // Vanilla, moss, ivy, soft musk, stone

🥀 YOU WHO SWALLOWED A FALLING STAR // Dark stone fruits, glowing embers, night rose, sweet sandalwood, plum blossom