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Our NEW Monthly Legacy Collections Launch Saturday, January 8




For 2022, what was previously the annual Resurrection event will be replaced with our brand new monthly Legacy collections! 

We’re bringing smaller, curated collections of 8-10 fragrances out from the vault each month, so you have a chance to stock up on a past favorite or try something new from our extensive archives with no long lead times and no need to pre-order. 


Legacy collections refresh monthly! Each month brings a newly curated collection of seasonally-appropriate fragrances, ready to order with no extended wait times.

Each collection will be available until the end of the release month. We will post a preview of the next month's Legacy Collection at the end of each month, and collections will be refreshed around the first of the month. 



Unless specifically noted, all Legacy fragrances are available in Perfume Oil Extrait (6ml and 10ml), SuperNatural Hair Serum, and Parfum (7.5ml and 30ml).


🍃 ARSENIC // Juniper distillate, chlorophyll, English ivy, frozen tomato leaf, white cotton, powdered rock candy

🫖 ATRYTONE // Smoked tea, black elder, ancient oak, white suede, sweet dragon’s blood, forest floor, golden musks

🗝 BAKER STREET // Earl Grey tea, dark aged vanilla, sweet tobacco, mahogany chairs, dusty leather-bound books, and a drop of blackest musk

🧪 CHLOROFORM // Crystalline glass, snow flurry, grey ozone, sugar cube, oxygen, frozen iris, tattered lace

❄️ DANCING IN THE SNOW // Ice crystals & snow angels, delicate mint, white lace, silver birch, winter ozone, pale vanilla musk

🌲 THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER // Pine & fir needle, frozen hemlock, amyris, sweet myrrh, shadowed stone, precious woods

🖤 I’M NOT FINISHED // A mug of Earl Grey tea, ink-black leather, rust, heart shaped sugar cookies, topiary clippings

🧳 THE ROMANCE OF CERTAIN OLD CLOTHES // Narcotic tuberose, moonflower, immortelle, heliotrope, gossamer vanilla, civet (vegan), lace

🕯 WAKING IN WINTER // Fir needle, hemlock, soft snow, pale woods, delicate mint, frost-blanketed leaves, cold metal, distant hearth smoke

🥀 YOU WHO SWALLOWED A FALLING STAR // Dark stone fruits, glowing embers, night rose, sweet sandalwood, plum blossom


During the last week of each month we will post next month's Legacy collection. Do you have a request for a fragrance you'd LOVE to see brought back for a future Legacy release? Please email us! I promise you, we absolutely make note of every single request and will do our best to accommodate whenever we can ;)

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