Surprise Party Mystery Box


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🥂  Cheers! It's Our Birthday! 🪅

Back by popular demand and bigger and better than ever, treat yourself to a little party favor.

Two sizes are available:

Party Favor mini box - $55 (retail value $75+)
Surprise Party Deluxe Box - $75 (retail value $100+)

What's In The Boooooxxxxx!?

If we told you that'd ruin the fun! But I won't leave you completely in the dark, so here are a few hints ;) 

🎁 All boxes contain a mix of samples/minis and full sizes, and can include GC best-sellers, seasonal items, limited editions/past Legacies, and exclusives (maybe even a discount code or gift card ;)).

🥂 All boxes contain multiple fragrance items and at least one hair care and/or home fragrance product. The main focus will be fragrance items, but we'll set you up with a variety of goodies.

🎈 No weird “factory seconds” or last season’s leftovers here — all box items were taken directly from our existing stock or bottled fresh from aged master batches, just for you. 

💌 Boxes are randomly packed, so while I can’t honor requests for specific products I can guarantee that each box has a mix of all kinds of fun surprises! If you order more than one box it’s unlikely but technically possible that you may receive some duplicates across multiple boxes. 

Multiple Drops!

If you miss the first round (or the timing isn't compatible with your timezone), I’ll be dropping more randomly through early December, and will try to keep a few available through the holidays. 

* * * 

(Product weight varies depending on mystery box contents)