Supernatural Collection Sets


Sets of all eight Supernatural Collection fragrances. Available as a sample discovery set, or in collection sets of perfume oil extrait and Parfum.

Price reflects an approx. 10% discount vs purchasing individually. Includes collection card while supplies last.

Included fragrances: 

🍁 BORN UNDER A BAD SIGN // Burning leaves, yellow amber, misty woods, dry hay, roasted pumpkin seeds

🥞 MYSTERY SPOT // Hot coffee, buttered white toast, pancakes and syrup, dingy diner booths, morning sunlight

👻 GHOSTFACERS // Creaky floorboards, ghostly musks, marshmallow goo, candy cigarettes, ritual magic

🌲 LAZARUS RISING // Smoked fir needle, powdery ashes, pitch black skies, bitter chocolate, pine tar

🔥  ABANDON ALL HOPE // Ancient manuscripts, salt & hellfire, worn leather, cold steel, gunpowder

🌙  SWAN SONG // Cracked vinyl seats, lonely roads, silver bullet, grave dirt, holy oil (P)*

📚 DEATH’S DOOR // Storm clouds, warm flannel, used paperbacks, sweetened amber, cold night air, a flask of spiced bourbon

🎭 FAN FICTION // Gallons of stage blood, face paint, sweet fog machine juice, scarecrow guts, a single man tear


* sample sizes for fragrances marked Premium (P) will be filled approx. 2/3 by weight.