Supernatural Collection - Fan Fiction


Part of the Supernatural Collection, inspired by our favorite episodes of Supernatural. 

Fan Fiction: Season 10, Episode 5
Original air: Nov. 11, 2014

" Tonight it is all about Marie's vision. This is Marie's 'Supernatural.' So I want you to get out there, and I want you to stand as close as she wants you to, and I want you to put as much sub into that text as you possibly can. There is no other road, no other way, no day... but today.

Did he just quote RENT?

Not enough to get us in trouble."


Available sizes & formats: 

- 2ml sample & 6ml roll-on perfume oil extrait
- 10ml & 30ml Parfum extrait (alcohol-based) 


☾ Notes: ☽
Gallons of stage blood, face paint, sweet fog machine juice, scarecrow guts, a single man tear

☾ Fragrance Family: ☽
A conceptual fruity atmospheric with a sinister twist (and a lot of subtext)

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