Spring 2022 - Changeling

Spring 2022 - Changeling

From the Spring 2022 Collection, The Fae Court, inspired by the faerie realm

CHANGELING - Creepy little things, Changelings - sometimes known as aufs or oafs - were fairies who had been left in place of human babes who were stolen by the fae. Usually, human children were stolen for one of a few common reasons: to act as attendants or servants in the fairy realm; because fairies found certain human traits desirable and wanted to raise a human child as their own; a sickly fairy baby might be swapped for a healthy human baby so that the fairy would be raised and nurtured by a human mother; or out of spite, mischievousness, or malice, because some types of fae were just not that nice and had some criminal tendencies tbh (such as kidnapping for fun I guess. "It's just a prank, bro"). 


Available Sizes & Formats:

Perfume Oil Extrait - 2ml sample, 6ml bottle, and 10ml roll-on
Parfum Extrait - (alcohol-based) 7.5ml travel spray, and 30ml glass atomizer (please note we are temporarily using a different bottle for our 30ml Parfums. The old style bottles will return as soon as possible -- 30ml sizes have been discounted to $55 due to this temporary bottle change)



☾ Notes: ☽

A deceptively sweet concoction of delicate candied rose petals, a playful splash of blood orange, fresh peach, nectarine blossom, lychee jellies, and coconut milk

☾ Fragrance Family: ☽
A sweet, fresh, and youthful fruity-floral

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