Spring 2022 - Aes Sídhe

Spring 2022 - Aes Sídhe

From the Spring 2022 Collection, The Fae Court, inspired by the faerie realm

AES  SÍDHE - Honored and feared, Aes sídhe (aos sí in modern Irish) are a fairy-like race of beings that can be described as The Ancestors of modern faerie lore. Their mythology extends throughout history across most Gaelic cultures, and they've been depicted as everything from fairies, elves, and spirits of nature, to demigods and fallen angels. The original Celtic understanding is that they were the original inhabitants of Ireland, descendants of the Goddess Danu.

While, technically speaking, they are generally regarded as benevolent -- or at least morally neutral -- there are some pretty creepy/metal af members of the sídhe race, including some famous ones you've no doubt heard of. These include the Bean Sídhe (Banshee); Leanan Sídhe (she's more or less a vampire fae, and is generally bad news); Dullahan (the one and only headless horseman); and, if Leprechauns themselves weren't creepy enough, there are actually evil Leprechauns called Far Darrig, and both of those guys are sídhe.
Sweet dreams, everyone! ;) 

Available Sizes & Formats:

Perfume Oil Extrait - 2ml sample, 6ml bottle, and 10ml roll-on
Parfum Extrait - (alcohol-based) 7.5ml travel spray, and 30ml glass atomizer (please note we are temporarily using a different bottle for our 30ml Parfums. The old style bottles will return as soon as possible -- 30ml sizes have been discounted to $55 due to this temporary bottle change)



☾ Notes: ☽

Precious orris root, aged sandalwood, sun-warmed iron, offerings of honeyed osmanthus wreaths and forest fruits, comforting rays of golden light

☾ Fragrance Family: ☽
A warm, woody & tranquil fruity atmospheric. Like a walk through the fairy mounds at sunset

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