FRIDAY, OCTOBER 13, 2023 - Midnight Central Time

A collection of exclusive fragrances blended in commemoration of Friday the 13th.
Our Friday the 13th collection is cumulative, which means the entire collection returns each Friday the 13th along with a brand new addition.

Released for a single day*, fragrances in the Friday the 13th collection pay tribute to superstitions, omens, phobias, customs and lore surrounding this, the unluckiest of holidays.

Friday the 13th collection fragrances are available in 6ml and 10ml perfume oil extrait and 10ml Parfum Extrait travel sprays.

*actually, a single weekend now. Since the collection has grown to thirteen(!) fragrances, we will be making these available Friday (10/13) through Sunday (10/15) going forward so that you have time to make your choices :)
Please remember that Friday the 13th collection orders are not kept "in stock," and are batched and bottled to order. This means they do require additional lead time prior to shipping. Check the Friday the 13th category listings once they're live for processing time details.


In order of release date. Newest additions are at the end.
No. 1 - May 2016
Climbing ivy, faded magnolia blooms, moonlit vines, cracked solarium glass, splintered wood, peeling wallpaper, humid air, fog & shadow, feral musk
I Believe In Mary Worth
No. 2 - January 2017
Tarnished silver, flickering candlelight, faded violet petals, cold glass, shadowed musk, melted wax
Hessian Of The Hollow
No. 3 - November 2017
Cold iron, frozen fog, petrichor, charred birch, forest mushroom, extinguished fire, bone ash
No. 4 - April 2018
Monkshood, warm fur, tuber, elm bark, artemisia, galbanum, weathered rock, silver moonlight
The Vanishing Hitchhiker
No. 5 - July 2018
Soaked lace gown, bare feet on red clay, heavy air and rolling thunder, warm raindrops on a cracked windshield, screeching brakes, a flurry of fireflies, and a single puddle on an empty back seat
Groom Lake
No. 6 - September 2019
Arid scrub, creosote, empty night sky, yucca bloom, high desert air, aircraft fuel, barbed wire, dim fluorescent hum, Element 115, sanitized metal, ❚❚❚❚❚❚REDACTED❚❚❚❚❚❚
No. 7 - December 2019
Frigid cave walls, dense mountain fog, dry branches, rock moss, wild currant, elderberry wine, iron kettle, glittering aurora, dryas flower, black sooted fur
El Cucuy
No. 8 - March 2020
Golden mango, orange flower, ripe maracuyá, dried chili, cashmeran, hazy sandalwood incense, agave flower, nopales, warm night air, a quick glint of sharp teeth from the shadows
Lovers Lane
No. 9 - November 2020
Rustling branches under a full moon, chilly air and faint laughter, drive-in treats and sticky cola spilled on the floorboard, an inconspicuous flask of sweet bourbon tucked away in a purse pocket, cold skin wrapped in his letterman jacket, the scra-a-a-a-ape of sharp metal on metal
No. 10 - August 2021
Lonely suburban parking lots, dusty neon, dingy arcade cabinets, synthesized digital glow, static jolt, hot wires, analog noise, G A M E O V E R
Am I Pretty?
No. 11 - May 2022
Ashen skin musks, spicy metallic blood accord, sharp blades, dry sakura branch, tart buntan, warm saffron and dusky vetiver, slyly laced with candy sweetness, fragile rice paper, and elegant black violet
Positively Do Not Open
No. 12 - January 2023
Soft ambrette, fragile heliotrope, talc, crushed porcelain, sweetly scented plastic, ripped cotton filling, tangled yarn, the unearthly gaze of unblinking eyes
the backrooms
No. 13 - October 2023
An unsettling and austere atmospheric that interprets the concept of liminal spaces; a disquieting, bleak, dreamlike maze of unnatural emptiness. Aging florescent light buzz, stark white walls, cold linoleum, endless rows of empty corridors, quiet footsteps quickening behi-