I Believe In Mary Worth - Friday the 13th Exclusive

I Believe In Mary Worth - Friday the 13th Exclusive

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I BELIEVE IN MARY WORTH was the second in a collection of exclusive fragrances blended in commemoration of Friday the 13th. Released for a single day, fragrances in the Friday the 13th collection pay tribute to superstitions, omens, phobias, customs and lore surrounding this, the unluckiest of holidays. 

I BELIEVE IN MARY WORTH - you may also know her as Bloody Mary. Her fragrance is somber and haunting. Soft violet petals tinged with tarnished silver and cold glass, the flicker of candlelight in a dim room, and the terror of an unknown face peering back from the mirror.

Availability: Friday, July 13, 2018 while supplies last. (Originally released Friday, January 13, 2017)
Size: Our standard 6ml bottles.

☾ Notes: ☽
Tarnished silver, flickering candlelight, faded violet petals, cold glass, shadowed musk, melted wax 

☾ Fragrance Family: ☽
A cold, somber floral with metallic nuances (this is a dark, metallic winter violet; not a soft and powdery/floral springtime violet)

Similar In Mood To: Kuro Lolita, Simply Meant To Be, Les Fleurs du Mal, Hellebore 

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