Anniversary 2024 Collection Sets


The 2024 Ten Year Anniversary collection features six "fetching" fragrances inspired by Mean Girls.

Available as a sample discovery set, or in collection sets of perfume oil extrait and Parfum.

Included fragrances: 

💋 BURN BOOK | Full of secrets: Smoky vanilla swirled with velvety peach nectar, tonka, and cognac

🍩 CAN’T SIT WITH US | An all-carb diet of warm glazed pound cakes and jam-filled donuts, plastic lunch trays, milk tea with extra sugar

💅 *COUGH COUGH* I’M SICK. | Pink candy floss, vanilla soft serve, cereal marshmallows, scented nail polish, I’m sorry that people are so jealous of me.

🦩 SHE DOESN’T EVEN GO HERE | It’s like I have ESPN or something. Tanning oil, chlorinated water, plastic pool chairs, cocktail umbrellas, new swimsuits

💖 SO FETCH | Sparkling jasmine, lychee soda, wild pear, sticky red popsicle juice, coconut water, I want my pink shirt back!


📝 THE LIMIT DOES NOT EXIST | Warm amber, cold cereal milk, notebook paper, iced double caramel macchiatos, study hall tables, I’m actually really good at math…

Price reflects an approx. 10% discount vs purchasing individually.