Hellmouth Collection Discovery Set


Sample all five fragrances from the Hellmouth Collection, inspired by our favorite episodes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Sample vials for fragrances marked Premium (P) will be filled approximately 2/3 by weight

Included fragrances: 

🩸 FOOL FOR LOVE  // Leather jacket, chipped black nail polish, burning roses, bad poetry (P)

💀 HUSH // Ethereal vapor, fog machine juice, surgical steel, plastic Halloween masks, a piercing scream

🎃 ONCE MORE, WITH FEELING // Autumnal woods, misty hayrides, brown sugar, pumpkin crumb cakes

🕯 PROPHECY GIRL // Creamy amber, cherry brandy, hot honey sprinkled with cinnamon, splintered wood

🕷 VILLAINS // Candle soot, pine rosin, blood red pomegranate, howling forest winds, darkened crystals, sacred herbs