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In the seventeenth century we would be outcasts, sorceresses, witches. Today, we are olfactory artisans, authors and curators of the tiny works of aromatic art that you carry on your skin. 

Sixteen92 crafts small-batch fine fragrance inspired by literature, history, lore…and, yes, a little bit of magic. 

Blended to inspire, our fragrances are small journeys, transforming on your skin to awaken a strata of fantastical times, places and experiences.

Founder, CEO, Perfumer - Claire Baxter

Born and raised in East Dallas, currently in historic Fort Worth, TX
Vehement introvert
Art school-educated, former advertising Creative Director, fine art photographer and classically trained opera singer (not all at the same time).  
Voted "Most Likely To Start An Avant-Garde Fashion Empire" in high school

Press & further reading:
The Art & Olfaction Awards
ELLE Dec. 2018
Mavenly + Co.

The New York Times


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