Mystery Sample Sets


If you like surprises as much as we do, you'll love these sets! We've offered these a few times over the years and they've been requested so often that they've been brought back (semi) permanently! (They may sell out periodically or take a temporary break during holidays, sales, or special events but we'll be restocking them fairly regularly)

These sets make great gifts for a fragrance-loving adventurer or a special treat for yourself, and are a great way to dip your toes into the catalogue if you're new to the brand.

You'll Get:

A mystery grab bag of SIX 2ml samples featuring a mix of best-sellers from our permanent collection as well as seasonals, limited editions/upcoming Legacies, even an occasional rarity from our archives.  

You'll receive a random surprise set, but if you'd like to include a quick note with a favorite type of fragrance (gourmand, floral, dark, etc) we will do our best to include something we think you'll enjoy, subject to available stock (requests for specific fragrances can't be honored, though, because our available sample inventory rotates constantly and we might not have it on hand). 

As with all of our sample options, samples of "premium" fragrances (including most limited editions) will be filled approximately 2/3. 

If you order multiple sets at once, we will do our best to make sure you don't receive duplicates but we can't guarantee since many of the sets are pre-packed and ready to ship. If you love a sample that you receive in a limited edition or discontinued fragrance, these are ALL fragrances that will be brought back during our monthly Legacy releases -- keep your eyes peeled each month :)