Complete Discography Discovery Set


Whether you'd like to try a little of everything or just collect them all, the Complete Discography lets you sample our entire general catalogue. 

This set includes all 19 of our permanent catalogue fragrances.

Size & Format: 2ml samples in perfume oil extrait
Sample vials for fragrances marked "Premium" (p) will be filled approx. 2/3.


Included fragrances: 

🥤 BAD REPUTATION : Rolling paper, can**bis, cherry cola, worn leather jacket, torn magazine pages 

🍯 BLOOD & HONEY : Blood orange, wildflower honey, pale amber, honeysuckle

💄 BRUISE VIOLET : Red lipstick accord, dusting powder, white iris, violet leaf, Damascus & Bulgarian rose, red grapefruit zest (p) Winner 2017 Art + Olfaction Award, Artisan category

🔖 COTTON MATHER : Blackened patchouli, woodland mosses, sweet herbs, dried helichrysum, woodsmoke, lamplight, ink, ash and flame

🎀 CRUSHCRUSHCRUSH Orange rock candy, whipped marshmallow fluff, bourbon vanilla, neroli, toasted sugar

🔮 HYDROMANCY : Fog, cold violet, lichen, ambroxan, mineral accord, petrichor, glass

🕯️ I SAW GOODY PROCTOR WITH THE DEVIL!Smoky dragon’s blood, Champaka flower, exotic spices, ancient spellbooks, and a smouldering cauldron

⚰️ I’M NOT A VAMPIRE  Black pepper and crystallized ginger, summer bonfire, sweet tobacco, leather bound books, warm spiced amber, a stiff drink

🍏 LOLITA : Crisp apple skins, tart peach candies, rose absolute, sugared violet

🌸 MERCY LEWIS : Heliotrope, honeyed tea, rosehips, sugared almond, creamy sandalwood, milky vanilla

🌙 NECROMANCY : Datura metel, ceremonial incense, funeral flowers, benzoin resin, ancient spirit boards, oud

🍦 NEW RADIO : Vanilla milkshake accord, maraschino cherry, pink lemonade, grass clippings, waffle cone

🍃 PAPER MOON : Soft vanilla musk, benzoin, oakmoss, trailing ivy, peach blossom, rose  (p) 

🔥 SALEM : Damp leaves, church incense, Italian leather, dry birch woods, clove bud absolute, bonfire smoke

🍁 SARAH GOOD : Charred maple leaves, black pitch, fresh-baked bread, dried black tea leaves, sweet orange, chimney smoke

📺 SICK, SAD WORLD : Dry breakfast cereal, steamed milk, used bookstore, crisp newspaper, wool jacket, knee-high black boots

☠️ THANK YOU FOR THE VENOM : Cherry lipgloss, smudged liner, orris, woody vanilla, bitter almond, cannabis flower accord, smokeshop incense

 ⚗️ THE BOTTLING ROOM - Sterile glass, electricity, copper, hot light bulbs, lab-grown flowers, synthetic greenery  (p) 

🦇 VLAD DRACUL - Carpathian fir needle, red cedar, black amber, black patchouli, scorched earth, opium, blood musk


Please note, this set includes our General Catalogue fragrances only. Not included in this set are limited editions, special edition/seasonal releases, and the Hellmouth collection (available in its own discovery set, here).