Thank You For The Venom



Part of the NoT a PhAsE Collection, inspired by 2000's scene/emo bands


Available sizes & formats: 

- 2ml sample & 6ml roll-on perfume oil extrait
- 10ml & 30ml Parfum extrait (alcohol-based) 

☾ Notes: ☽
:: It’s not a f#%ing phase vibes :: Cherry lipgloss, smudged liner, orris, woody vanilla, bitter almond, cannabis flower accord*, smokeshop incense

☾ Fragrance Family: ☽
An atmospheric gourmand with a dark side 

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New Radio, Prom Queen, Bad Reputation, a warm-weather alternative to Death By Stereo!


* Obviously, does not contain ANY actual cannabis (or THC, or CBD, or anything similar) but I am supposed to notate that here, so here we are.