Winter Part 2 Collection Sample Set

Winter Part 2 Collection Sample Set

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A full set of all five Winter Part 2 (Winter 2017 Collection) fragrances in 2mL deluxe sample vials.

The Winter 2017 Collection is inspired by Parapsychology.

Included Fragrances:

CLAIRVOYANCE : Smoky oud, blackened moss, white birch, styrax, tobacco, coal embers (premium)

PRECOGNITION : Firewood, dried harvest fruits, pale sandalwood, sweet alyssum, a swirl of incense

PSYCHOKINESIS : Toasted vanilla bean, espresso, sweet myrrh, roasted pecan, honeyed wheat, citrus zest

TELEPATHY : Winter narcissus, tonka bean, immortelle flower, sleet, ozone, white amber

TELESTHESIA : Black and red tea leaves, nutmeg, sweet woods, forest moss, loam, chilled night air

Samples for fragrances marked premium are filled approx. 2/3. 

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