Venomous Collection Sets


Sets of all five Winter 2022/23 (Venomous) Collection fragrances. Available as a sample discovery set, or in collection sets of perfume oil extrait and Parfum.

Included fragrances: 

🦂 ANDROCTONUS AUSTRALIS // Rum, wild fig, dry papyrus, sweet tobacco, oud

🌊  CHIRONEX FLECKERI // Winter snowdrop, Jasmin green tea, mountain fog, wild mint, ice water

🕷️  LATRODECTUS MACTANS // Mushroom, dried fruits, leaf-litter, cacao powder, clay, carbon

🐍  OPHIOPHAGUS HANNAH // Campari, incense, mangrove wood, cinnamon leaf, honey, suede

🐸  PHYLLOBATES TERRIBILIS // Waxy bromeliad, fiery red pepper, trumpet vine, bat orchid, neon musks