Venomous Collection - Phyllobates terribilis


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From the Winter 2022/23 Collection, Venomous, inspired by venomous creatures

Phyllobates terribilis (Myers, Daly, Malkin, 1978)
Common Name: Golden Dart Frog, Poison Arrow Frog
Native To: S America (Colombia)
Toxicity: The most poisonous animal on the planet (did you know that? I didn't). Venom contains batrachotoxins produced in the animal's skin glands. LD50 is under 0.2  µg (that's micrograms, not milligrams)/kg. However, production of these toxins relies on their consumption of certain insects and beetles in their native habitat; captive specimens raised without their native food source are non-toxic. 


Available sizes & formats: 

- 2ml sample & 6ml roll-on perfume oil extrait
- 10ml & 30ml Parfum extrait (alcohol-based) 


☾ Notes: ☽

Waxy bromeliad, fiery red pepper, trumpet vine, bat orchid, neon musks

☾ Smells Like: ☽
A tropical green floral with a touch of adventurous spice