THE CIRCLE 2022 - Exclusive Seasonal Subscription

THE CIRCLE 2022 - Exclusive Seasonal Subscription

We are unfortunately unable to accept Circle membership orders shipping to the UK or EU this year. This is due to VAT regulations, which would require us to collect VAT on each shipment individually. I am so sorry, and hope to be able to offer UK/EU memberships again in the future! 

THE CIRCLE is an annual subscription service featuring seasonal & limited edition fragrances open to new subscribers once per year.  2022 reservations open April 29, 2022 at 10:00 am Central Time. Openings are limited. Once all reservations are filled, registration will close until next year. 

Members of The Circle will enjoy:

🔮 Exclusive first-look access to all four seasonal collections beginning with Summer 2022, plus an additional limited edition Halloween collection with the Fall shipment.

👛 20% off seasonal fragrance collections, plus additional exclusive savings and special deals on other items throughout the year.

🥳 13% off ALL other orders from the shop, for the entire year.

🔑 Pre-release access to seasonal collections, allowing members to order before the seasonal collection release rush.

🎁 An exclusive Limited Edition 6ml fragrance crafted just for Circle members.

💝 A single subscription fee gets you in for the whole year. No recurring charges & no hidden costs.


To avoid processing delays, please purchase this membership separately from any other items. Orders that include other items are subject to cancellation! **Please purchase this separately! Thank you!** 

For more details, please check out The Circle FAQ page

    A few details: 

    How does it work?

    Circle membership is annual, and a single registration cost signs you up for the entire year with no recurring charges. Circle members will receive a year of newly released seasonal fragrance samples delivered automatically on a quarterly schedule (as well as exclusive extras and promotions, including a unique coupon code good for 13% off ALL orders placed in the shop for the entire year). 

    How many items will I receive, and how often will I get them?

    2022 subscription members will receive the following fragrance collection sample sets in our standard 2ml perfume oil extrait sample vials:

    • Summer 2022
    • Fall 2022
    • Halloween 2022
    • Winter 2022
    • Spring 2023

    Each seasonal collection will feature new, never-before-released fragrances (no new collection will be a reissue of last year's fragrances). Each seasonal discovery set is valued at $22 (plus shipping) per five-sample set, which makes The Circle a pretty good deal, too :)

    🎁 Members will also receive one exclusive 6ml fragrance crafted just for Circle members - this fragrance will be included in one of your regularly-scheduled seasonal boxes, and usually comes in either the Winter or Spring delivery. The Circle exclusive is not available to the public.

    👛 Each seasonal delivery includes a discount code valid for 20% off your fragrance purchase(s) from that season's release, which will be sent to you via email prior to the release.

    🔑 Members will be able to place seasonal orders before collections are released to the public; private access links are typically sent out via email about a week prior to a collection's public launch. 

    🥳 After registration closes, each member will receive a unique discount code valid for 13% off all purchases for the entire year. This code is in addition to the season-specific promotions you will receive with your collection boxes, and can be used on any items in the shop -- not just seasonal fragrances. This discount code does not, however, apply to custom orders or for the purchase of next year's Circle membership should you choose to renew. But it applies to everything else! 

    💌 Circle collections will be mailed approximately 2 - 4 weeks prior to to each collection's public release. 

    For 2022 members, the first subscription set (the Summer 2022 collection) will ship in approx. early June. See below for a general release and shipment schedule. All dates listed are approximate and subject to change, as we do sometimes need to make adjustments to seasonal release dates.

    Please note that Anniversary, Holiday, Legacy, and special limited edition releases (such as holiday exclusives, GWPs, Friday the 13th, etc) are NOT part of The Circle, though members may use their standing discount codes or other applicable Circle discounts for these items.

    Collection  Ships Approximately
    Summer 2022 early June 2022
    Fall & Halloween 2022 September 2022
    Winter 2022 December 2022
    Spring 2023 late February 2023
    Exclusive Limited Edition 6mL fragrance TBD (will be included with a regularly-scheduled shipment -- usually either Winter or Spring)


    Please be sure to select the option that represents your shipping destination. Orders that are placed with incorrect destinations, based on the shipping address of your subscription, are subject to cancellation (e.g. if you purchase a US subscription but your shipping address is outside the US, your order will be cancelled and your subscription will not be active until you repurchase the correct version).


    For more details, please visit The Circle FAQ page. 

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