Summer Gelateria - Layering Fragrances

Summer Gelateria - Layering Fragrances


By popular request we are issuing a limited batch of our Summer Gelateria collection in perfume oil format! 

Available in 6ml and 10ml perfume oil extrait bottles. Due to limited batch sizes we are sorry but samples will not be available for layering fragrances.

LAYERING FRAGRANCES are simple blends that work well alone or layered together for a customized scent experience. You may also enjoy experimenting by layering these over other fragrances for something a little different. Due to the simpler nature of these blends, they are priced slightly lower than our regular collection fragrances. 

Available fragrances:

AMARENA MASCARPONE - Sour cherry folded into rich mascarpone 
CAKE BATTER STRACCIATELLA - Classic stracciatella with a twist! Bourbon vanilla and dark chocolate chips mixed with white cake batter and sprinkles
SUMMER PANNA COTTA - Rich sweet cream with toasted coconut, summer berries, raw honey and pistachio crumbles
WAFFLE CONE - Warm, fresh-pressed waffle cones sprinkled with vanilla sugar crystals


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