Summer Aguas Frescas - Layering Fragrances

Summer Aguas Frescas - Layering Fragrances


Layering Fragrances from our Aguas Frescas collection are back for a limited time! Originally released as a Summer 2017 bath & body line, these are back in perfume oil format for the Anniversary event (available July 13 until stock runs out -- we have made a single batch of these layering fragrances and most likely won't be able to restock these after they're gone).

Available in 6ml and 10ml perfume oil extrait bottles. Due to limited batch sizes we are sorry but samples will not be available for layering fragrances.

LAYERING FRAGRANCES are simple blends that work well alone or layered together for a customized scent experience. You may also enjoy experimenting by layering these over other fragrances for something a little different. Due to the simpler nature of these blends, they are priced slightly lower than our regular collection fragrances. 

Available fragrances:

AGUA DE JAMAICA - Flor de Jamaica (hibiscus flower) and rosehips, sweetened with a touch of honey and garnished with a fresh blackberry

AGUA DE MELÓN - Ripe watermelon and honeydew with freshly-squeezed lime juice, sweetened with agave nectar

HORCHATA - Sweet rice milk with vanilla bean, cinnamon and almonds


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