Spring 2022 - Sylph

Spring 2022 - Sylph

From the Spring 2022 Collection, The Fae Court, inspired by the faerie realm

SYLPH - First described by occultist Paracelsus in the 16th-century, Sylphs (or Sylphids) are air elementals who are both made of and in charge of air and all things related (wind, clouds, vapor, steam, smoke, etc). Although they're quite large and pretty dang strong, they are usually described as being invisible to humans -- probably because, to us, they just look like clouds or rays of sunlight. Over the centuries Sylphs have diverged a bit in their lore from the other three elementals with which they were initially described (Gnomes for earth, Salamanders for fire, Undines for water). Today they are more associated with fae or pixies, and have gradually adopted more human-like characteristics - even being featured in ballet and opera, where they are depicted as graceful and fairy-like.  


Available Sizes & Formats:

Perfume Oil Extrait - 2ml sample, 6ml bottle, and 10ml roll-on
Parfum Extrait - (alcohol-based) 7.5ml travel spray, and 30ml glass atomizer (please note we are temporarily using a different bottle for our 30ml Parfums. The old style bottles will return as soon as possible -- 30ml sizes have been discounted to $55 due to this temporary bottle change)



☾ Notes: ☽

Radiant skin musks, cashmeran, cetalox, white pepper, soft mimosa, wispy cirrus clouds 

☾ Fragrance Family: ☽
A bright and airy skin scent with a soft woody-floral drydown

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