Spring 2022 Collection Sets

Spring 2022 Collection Sets
Spring 2022 Collection Sets

A set of all five fragrances from the Fae Court (Spring 2022) collection. Available as a sample discovery set (2ml), and in 6ml bottles or 10ml roll-ons.

Sample vials for fragrances marked Premium will be filled approximately 2/3 by weight

Included fragrances: 

🧚🏼‍♀️ AES SÍDHE // Precious orris root, aged sandalwood, sun-warmed iron, offerings of honeyed osmanthus wreaths and forest fruits, comforting rays of golden light

🍑 CHANGELING // A deceptively sweet concoction of delicate candied rose petals, a playful splash of blood orange, fresh peach, nectarine blossom, lychee jellies, and coconut milk

🌳 DRYAD // An idyllic sylvan hideaway: wind through oak limbs, dappled morning shade, lichen, wild carrot, foxtail fern, paper-thin blossoms, delicate leaf buds (premium)

🧁 KOBOLD // Little saucers stacked with sweet fairy cakes and lemon petit fours, a sprinkle of lavender sugar, a tower of almond macarons, a spot of chamomile tea

🌤 SYLPH // Radiant skin musks, cashmeran, cetalox, white pepper, soft mimosa, wispy cirrus clouds


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