Salem Collection Discovery Set

Salem Collection Discovery Set


A full set of all five Salem Collection fragrances in 2mL sample vials.

Sample vials for fragrances marked Premium will be filled approximately 2/3 full

Included Fragrances:

BRIDGET BISHOP Night-blooming flowers, belladonna, bergamot peel, resinous oudh, nutmeg, ambroxan, scarlet musk (premium)

COTTON MATHER Blackened patchouli, woodland mosses, sweet herbs, dried helichrysum, woodsmoke, lamplight, ink, ash and flame

MERCY LEWIS Heliotrope, honeyed tea, rosehips, sugared almond, creamy sandalwood, milky vanilla

SARAH GOOD Charred maple leaves, black pitch, fresh-baked bread, dried black tea leaves, sweet orange, chimney smoke

TITUBA Hawthorn, gingerbread biscuits, tobacco leaf, burning resins, rye, sweet woods, beeswax candles

These are our oil-based fragrances. 

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