Layering Fragrances - RESURRECTION Pre-Order

Layering Fragrances - RESURRECTION Pre-Order

LAYERING FRAGRANCES are simple blends that work well alone or layered together for a customized scent experience. You may also enjoy experimenting by layering these over other fragrances for something a little different. 

Available sizes & formats: 
- 6ml and 10ml perfume oils
- 7.5ml Parfum extrait travel sprays (alcohol-based) 
Please note that, unlike perfume oil format, quantities for Parfum format are limited during Resurrection -- if you'd like to order an extrait, it is recommended that you order earlier in the event window as these may sell out before Resurrection is over. Parfums can be shipped Internationally*

The following layering fragrances are included in this year's Resurrection: 

AMARENA MASCARPONE - Sour cherry folded into rich mascarpone 
ANGEL FOOD CAKE - Sweet white sponge cake sprinkled with vanilla sugar crystals
CHERRY COLA FLOAT  Fizzy cola, cherry vanilla soft serve, whipped cream
COTTON CANDY - Pure, sweet pink & blue clouds of spun sugar
PEACH MARMALADE CAKE - Decadent French vanilla cake filled with layers of peach liqueur marmalade, candied peaches, & cinnamon crumb, topped with fresh whipped cream
RASPBERRY ZINGER CAKE - White sponge cake soaked in Chambord, raspberry compote filling, topped with buttercream and coconut sprinkles
VANILLA EGG CREAM  Cold milk, sweet vanilla cream, seltzer
WAFFLE CONE - Warm, fresh-pressed waffle cones sprinkled with vanilla sugar crystals
YELLOW CAKE BATTER - Rich & buttery birthday cake batter with rainbow sprinkles

* * *

Our annual Resurrection pre-order event features the return of your favorite retired, past seasonal, and limited edition fragrances available all at once for a limited time. It offers a second chance to try out a bottle of a past fragrance that you may have missed, or stock up on a favorite that's no longer regularly available. 

Resurrection fragrances are available for PRE-ORDER from February 1 - February 28, 2021. Orders for Resurrection fragrances will begin processing in mid-late March. Please remember that these are PRE-ORDERS and are not subject to our estimated processing times for regular orders. 

* For Parfums shipping outside the U.S., Isopropyl Myristate (IPM) may be substituted for some or all of the Perfumer's Alcohol. This allows fragrances to be safely and legally shipped overseas without the huge price increase of surface mail. This does not affect the use of the product, although it may appear very slightly thicker than perfumer's alcohol (it is still sprayable, and can be used in the same way as a regular Parfum).

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