Spring 2020 Collection Sets

Spring 2020 Collection Sets
Spring 2020 Collection Sets

Last chance for this release! We've restocked a few collection sets and individual bottles (no individual samples - sorry!) but these will not be able to be restocked until next year.


A set of all five fragrances from the Golden Age (Spring 2020) collection. Available as a sample discovery set (2ml) and in 6ml bottles, or 10ml roll-ons.

Sample vials for fragrances marked Premium will be filled approximately 2/3 by weight

Included fragrances: 

🍰 BETTE  Angel food cake, floral honey, marshmallow, pistachio, French vanilla, loose black tea

🌿 GRETA  Secluded garden walls, turned earth, quiet sidewalks, citrus grove, soft linen, sunlit jasmine, warm dew

🌟 JEAN  White gardenia, Mexican tuberose, sparkling aldehydes, ginger ale, passion fruit, coconut water, silken musks

🥀 LOUISE  Sultry amber, red ink, black kohl, night blooms, Tonkin musk (synthetic), wormwood, soft suede, glistening strands of pearls (premium)

💄MARLENE  Alba rose, copal, bearded iris, scarlet lips, flushed cheeks, davana, plum syrup, gin fizz, smoke


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