Halloween 2017 Collection Full Set

Halloween 2017 Collection Full Set


A full set of all five Fright Night (Halloween 2017) Collection fragrances in 6mL bottles or 10mL roll-ons. This year's Halloween collection is inspired by classic horror films. 

Included fragrances: 

AN EXCELLENT DAY FOR AN EXORCISM (The Exorcist) Cathedral incense, black clove, burned parchment, tarnished silver, sacred woods (premium)
DEATH BY STEREO! (The Lost Boys) Night air on the boardwalk, spun sugar and cider, melted ice cream, cannabis accord, whirling tendrils of nag champa
ONE GOOD SCARE (Halloween) Glowing jack-o-lanterns, charred marshmallows, roasted pumpkin seeds, falling leaves, campfire smoke
ROOM 237 (The Shining) Cold glass, distant woodsmoke, frozen vines, petrichor, typewriter ink, splintered wood, deep snow, spectral musk
THIS HOUSE IS CLEAN (Poltergeist) Sweet ozone, Paperwhites, chrysanthemum, ambroxan, cracked porcelain, lace


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