Fall 2019 - Collection Sets

Fall 2019 - Collection Sets
Fall 2019 - Collection Sets
Fall 2019 - Collection Sets

Fall Collection items are available in limited quantities and will not be restocked. What's currently available is ALL that is left for these items until next year!

A full set of all five Fall 2019 Collection fragrances. Available as a sample set (2ml), 6ml bottles, and 10ml roll-ons. 

The Fall 2019 Collection is inspired by our favorite Stephen King novels.

Included Fragrances:

DARKNESS WAS ENOUGH  //  'Salem's Lot, 1975  //  Ancient woods, beeswax candles, spiced honey, charred amber, saffron crocus

DEAD IS BETTER  //  Pet Sematary, 1983  //  Sharp fir needles, cracked asphalt, wild blackberry thorn, grave mud, cold fur

LOSERS CLUB  //  It, 1986  //  Rain-drenched iron, distant circus lights, candy floss, a red balloon

MIND OVER MATTER  //  Carrie, 1974  //  Sheer vanilla, black tea with milk, silver iris and delicate lace slashed with bright red musk and glowing embers

REDRUM  //  The Shining, 1977  //  The muffled din of a ghostly masquerade party - faint clink of champagne flutes, a ticking ebony clock, expensive furs, hazy hallways, and specters moving through shadow (premium)


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Samples for fragrances marked premium are filled approx. 2/3. 

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