Fall 2018 Collection Full Set

Sold Out

A set of all five Fall 2018 (The Forbidden Arts) Collection fragrances in 6ml bottles or 10ml roll-ons 

Included Fragrances:

AEROMANCY // Powdered snow, silver birch, dried leaves, rose oxide, a blanket of morning frost

CHIROMANCY // Orris, worn leather, ink, porcelain, black truffle (premium)

HYDROMANCY // Fog, cold violet, lichen, ambroxan, mineral accord, petrichor, glass

NECROMANCY // Datura metel, ceremonial incense, funeral flowers, benzoin resin, ancient spirit boards, oud

PYROMANCY // Green cardamom, fireplace embers, agarwood, smoked tea, white tobacco, hearth smoke


The price of this set reflects an approximately 10% discount vs purchasing these bottles individually from the shop. 

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