Anniversary 2022 Single Notes

Anniversary 2022 Single Notes
I’ve gathered some of my favorite accords and released them as single notes!

Some of these you might recognize as accords from past popular fragrances, and others are accords I’ve made and enjoyed over the years but either haven’t found a fragrance to incorporate them into yet, or felt they just needed to stand on their own as single notes. I have a whole catalog of these that I've amassed over the years, but I've selected a few faves that share a sweet treat or celebratory vibe in keeping with the occasion at hand.

I've made one batch of each of these, so while they may remain available for a short while after the anniversary weekend, I won't be able to restock any of these once they sell out.

Available fragrances:

Boba Tea

Chilled Champagne

Coconut Flan

Coffee Milkshake

Fried Ice Cream

Gulab Jamun

Lychee Gummies

Marshmallow Buttercream

Ube Cupcakes

 (These don't have "notes" because they pretty much just smell like their namesakes ;)

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