The Circle 2017


2017 Signups are currently closed. 2018 signups will open Spring 2018


The Circle is an annual subscription service featuring seasonal & limited edition fragrances open to new subscribers once per year. 

Members of The Circle will enjoy:

  • Exclusive first-look access to all four seasonal collections beginning with Summer 2017, plus an additional limited edition collection in the Fall.
  • Coupon codes with each seasonal delivery to use on a fragrance item from that season’s release, plus additional exclusive savings and special deals on other items throughout the year.
  • Presale exclusive access to seasonal collections, allowing members to order before the seasonal collection release rush.
  • A unique code valid for 10% off ALL orders from our shop, for the entire year. 
  • An exclusive Limited Edition 6mL fragrance crafted just for Circle members.
  • Preview samples of limited edition or special release items may be included in some boxes, depending on release schedules.
  • A single subscription fee for an annual membership. No recurring charges & no per-box shipping fees.

New for 2017, we are also opening up a limited number of Half Year slots. Members of the half year "mini" Circle will be able to sign up for either Summer/Spring or Fall/Winter collections. The Half Year subscription will include:

  • Your choice of either Summer 2017 and Spring 2018 OR Fall and Winter 2017 collections (the Fall/Winter subscription does not include the Halloween collection).
  • Presale exclusive access to the two seasonal collections from your subscription selection.
  • Coupon codes with each box to use on a fragrance item from that season's release.
  • A coupon code valid for 10% off a regular order of your choice
  • You will have access to purchase a bottle of the Circle Exclusive fragrance if you'd like one, but it is not included in your subscription box.

Details & FAQs

When does registration open?

2017 reservations open April 1 at Midnight CDT (Central Time). While we will have more slots available this year than last year, openings are limited. The Half Year "mini" Circle subscription is a new option, and these slots will be more limited. Once all reservations are filled, registration will close until next year. 

How does it work?

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP: Circle membership is annual. A single registration cost signs you up for the entire year, with no recurring charges. Circle members will receive a year of newly released seasonal fragrance samples delivered automatically on a quarterly schedule (as well as exclusive extras and promotions, including a unique coupon code good for 10% off ALL orders placed in the shop for the entire year). 

HALF YEAR MEMBERSHIP: A single registration cost signs you up for your choice of either Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter, with no recurring charges. Half Year members will receive two seasonal boxes (delivery schedule is outlined below) as well as exclusive promotion codes and extra perks for your selected season group. You will not receive the Circle Exclusive fragrance, but you will be able to purchase a bottle of it if you'd like one, after it is released.

How many items will I receive, and how often will I get them?

2017 annual subscription members will receive Summer 2017, Fall 2017, Winter 2017 and Spring 2018 fragrance collection sample sets in our standard deluxe 2mL sample vials. Each seasonal collection includes at least five fragrances and each season will feature new, never-before-released scents (no collection will simply be a reissue of last year's fragrances). Annual membership also includes an additional limited edition collection sample set in the Fall, as well as one exclusive full-size (6mL) fragrance crafted just for Circle members and never released for public sale. Each seasonal delivery will also include a unique discount code valid on a fragrance purchase from that season's release. We also occasionally send out additional coupons or special deals for Circle members via email. Members will be able to place seasonal orders before collections are released to the public; private access links are typically sent out via email approximately one week prior to public launch date. 

After registration closes, each Annual member will receive a unique discount code valid for 10% off any purchases for the entire year (this feature is only available to annual members. Half Year members will receive a single-use coupon code good for any one order of their choice). This discount code is in addition to the season-specific promotions you will receive with your collection boxes, and can be used on any items in the shop -- not just seasonal fragrances. This discount code does not, however, apply to custom orders or for the purchase of next year's Circle membership should you choose to renew. But it applies to everything else! 

Circle collections will be mailed approximately one month (3-4 weeks) prior to to each collection being released to the public. Due to extended transit times, we will do our best to ensure that boxes headed to International members will go out first. 

For 2017 members, the first subscription set (the Summer 2017 collection) will ship in approximately early May. 

Collection  Ships Approximately
Summer 2017 (released June 2016) May 2017
Fall 2017  (released September 2017 - Annual members also receive Halloween, released October 2017) August 2017
Winter 2017 (released November 2017) October 2017
Spring 2018 (released February 2018) January 2018
Exclusive Limited Edition 6mL fragrance (Annual members only) TBD (will be included with a regularly-scheduled shipment)


I still don't understand what I get. Is there a chart?

There is a chart. 



How much does it cost?

An annual Circle membership costs $90 for US members, $95 for Canadian members, and $105 for International members, and this amount is due at signup to cover the entire year (the cost is higher for non-US members due to higher shipping and processing fees).

The Half Year "mini" Circle subscription costs $39 for US members, $44 for Canadian members, and $49 for International members. 

A single flat-rate shipping charge will apply to your initial order only -- you will not incur any additional shipping charges, which works out to be a pretty great bargain, especially for International members on the Annual subscription! The initial shipping charge covers the shipping for your first box. All subsequent collections will ship at no additional charge.  

If I purchase a Half Year membership can I upgrade to an Annual membership? 

No, your membership type cannot be changed after the subscription window closes. We begin planning seasonal collections and Circle shipments months in advance, and unfortunately this means that we cannot make any changes to your membership type once your subscription is reserved. Sorry! 

Can I purchase a membership for a friend? 

Of course! When you check out, you can opt to have your subscription shipped to any address you wish. It is recommended that you also supply the recipient's email address during checkout, so that they will receive shipping notifications for their collection boxes and special promotions exclusive to Circle members.

Can I change my delivery address once I've signed up?

Yes, you can. Just send us an email that includes the order number for your subscription purchase, and we will be happy to update your shipping details. Please do let us know as soon as possible if you need to make any delivery changes, to avoid delays receiving your subscription package. Failure to notify us of an address change may result in an additional shipping charge to re-ship your box to a new address.

IMPORTANT: If your address changes you must email us directly with your new address. Circle shipments are processed separately from regular orders. Updating your shipping address in your user profile will not update your Circle shipment information. You may use the Contact form on the website to reach us regarding an address change. We do try to send email reminders out shortly before each collection box ships, but please be sure to let us know as soon as possible if you need to make any changes to your shipping destination. 

Can I cancel my membership?

Membership to The Circle is not automatically renewed, so your membership will cancel automatically after the last box ships (Spring 2018 for 2017 subscribers). Circle members will have first access to sign up for next year's plan and continue their membership, but there is no obligation to continue after your membership period ends. You may transfer the balance of your membership to another party at any time during the membership period, prior to the shipment of the last collection box. 

Can I request any substitutions in any of my boxes?

Unfortunately, this isn't something we are able to accommodate. While we certainly understand that not every scent/note/product appeals to everyone in the same way, in an effort to streamline production we cannot make any special adjustments to any collection box. 

Can regular orders be combined with my Circle shipments?

Circle box shipments are processed separately from regular orders, so we will unfortunately be unable to combine any orders with scheduled Circle shipments, or hold your Circle shipments for combining with any planned orders. 

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