Resurrection 2020 

The Resurrection 2020 ordering window has closed. Thank you all for your orders!

We are currently tallying up orders and ordering supplies, so we hope to begin mixing fragrances as soon as next week! Once Resurrection orders have begun shipping, you'll be able to track progress via a dedicated section on our Processing Times page. See you next year!




Resurrection is our BIGGEST event of the year! Our annual Resurrection pre-order event features nearly our entire vault of retired, past seasonal, and limited edition fragrances available all at once for a limited time. It offers a second chance to try out a bottle of a past fragrance that you may have missed, or stock up on a favorite that's no longer regularly available. 

This year we've brought a record-breaking 172 (!!!) fragrances -- spanning every year of releases since 2014 -- out from the vault so that you can discover a new favorite or reunite with an old love. There are also several fragrances that have never been offered during Resurrection before, and haven't been seen for several years! 

This year marks our fifth and largest (by far) Resurrection, and we hope you enjoy!


Resurrection begins on Wednesday, Jan 1 at 10:00 am Central time. The pre-order window will be open for three weeks -- from 1/1 through 1/22. Once all orders are placed and the event concludes on Wednesday, January 22 at 11:59 pm Central time, fragrances will be mixed and bottled to order, and they will be shipped out as they are completed. Resurrection orders will ship (approximately) February through late March.



Please remember that these are PRE-ORDERS and are not subject to our usual processing time (meaning, they will take longer to ship, due to order volume and the sheer number of fragrances being made available for this event). You are welcome to purchase additional, regularly-available items during the event, but please be aware that any order containing a pre-order Resurrection fragrance will ship according to the pre-order timeline (meaning, all of your items will ship together). If you would like any non-pre order items sooner, you will need to place a separate order for those items.

As we also use this time of the year for our annual inventory and organizational updates we will NOT be restocking made-to-order items until February at the earliest. The only non-preorder items that will be regularly available during the month of January will be our general catalogue and Winter seasonal perfumes. If you've had your eye on any non-fragrance items (including hair care, home fragrance, or bath/body items), you might want to order these before January 1. 

A special note about order changes/cancellations: We begin ordering components and supplies, mixing, and bottling immediately after the order window closes. Therefore, we are unfortunately unable to make any changes to orders after 1/22. If you've made a Resurrection order and need to change or cancel any portion of it, please contact us BEFORE the order window closes. Changes to orders requested after 1/22 cannot be accommodated, and order cancellations requested after 1/22 will incur a cancellation fee, and/or any refunded amounts may be returned to you in the form of a store credit. 

Pre-orders will ship February through March. Please remember that these orders are NOT subject to our posted processing time for regular, non pre-order stock at the time of your order. Last year, Resurrection orders began shipping in early February and completed shipping around the last week of March, with a small few going out around the first week of April. While we always do our best to get orders out as quickly as possible, please remember that these pre-orders will require more time to make, bottle, and ship. In some cases, we may elect to split larger orders into multiple shipments at our discretion. We do this to keep the queue moving efficiently, and you will not be charged any additional shipping fees for this. We will endeavor to keep a special section of our Processing Times Page devoted to Resurrection scheduling so that you can easily see which fragrances have been completed.  



Please see below for a list of the fragrances that will be available to pre-order during the event. Unless noted, there are no quantity limits on these; you may purchase as many bottles as you'd like. Resurrection fragrances will be sold in our standard 6ml and 10ml bottle sizes - no samples will be available, as always. 

A majority of Resurrection fragrances will be offered in Parfum (EDP/Extrait) format. Fragrances highlighted in orange in the list below will be available as Parfums. 

If there is a fragrance you're looking for that is not offered in Parfum format this year, please feel free to get in touch with us as we *may* be able to accommodate a special order, depending on the specific fragrance you're looking for. 

If you are looking for a particular fragrance from a previous release and don't see it listed below, there were unfortunately a small number of fragrances that we were unable to bring back this year. This is usually due to an ingredient or key component being unavailable. In some cases we were able to offer a slight reformulation of the original (these will always be clearly noted on that fragrance's product page), but there are always a small few that are unable to return. We apologize for any disappointment and will continue to try to source any missing components for future releases. 


For Fragrance Notes please see > OUR MASTER FRAGRANCE ARCHIVE, HERE <



Baker Street 
Christmas Town
Dancing In The Snow
Gothic Lolita 
I'm Not Finished
Kuro Lolita 
Liber Officiorum Spirituum 
Master Of Fright
Merry & Bright
My Whole Life is a Dark Room 
Never Trust The Living
Oh No... Petyr Got Him...

Party At The Moon Tower
Simply Meant To Be
That One Time At Your Friend's Birthday...
The Castle On The Hill
The Naughty List
The Nice List
The Sisters: Mary
The Sisters: Sarah
The Sisters: Winifred
The Spirit Of Christmas Past
The Spirit Of Christmas Present
The Spirit Of Christmas Yet To Come
The Surprise Party
The Unholy Masquerade
The Witching Hour
They F---ing Forgot My Birthday
We're Werewolves Not Swearwolves
You Who Swallowed a Falling Star

Fragrances highlighted in orange will be available in Parfum/EdP format. 


I Wanna Be An Airborne Ranger!
May I Admire You Again Today?
Save Ferris
Sometimes You Just Gotta Say W.T.F
What's Your Damage?
The After Party
The Beach Party
The Block Party
The Garden Party
The Luau Party
The Princess Party
The Tea Party

Mexican Hot Chocolate
Peppermint Hot Chocolate
Toasted Marshmallow 
Bourbon Apple Cider
A Full-Blown Four Alarm Holiday Emergency
I Made My Family Disappear...
They Can't All Be Winners

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!
You Sit On A Throne Of Lies
Inside A Snowflake (Like The One On Your Sleeve)
Such A Misfit
You Serious, Clark?



Fragrances highlighted in orange will be available in Parfum/EdP format. 


2015 - The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter
2015 - The Orchard Keeper 
2015 - The Sound And The Fury
2015 - Wise Blood 
2016 - Merely A Madness
2016 - The Primrose Path
2016 - Storm of Fortunes
2017 - Enfant Terrible
2017 - Le Demi-Monde
2017 - Les Fleurs du Mal
2017 - Montmartre
2017 - Serres d'Auteuil
2018 - Der Holle Rache
2018 - E Lucevan Le Stelle
2018 - Habanera
2018 - Il Dolce Suono
2018 - Mein Herr Marquis
2019 - Aconitum
2019 - Atropa Belladonna
2019 - Conium Maculatum
2019 - Datura Metel
2019 - Nerium Oleander


Fragrances highlighted in orange will be available in Parfum/EdP format. 


2015 - The Beautiful & Damned
2015 - Eternal Return 
2015 - Theda
2016 - Bells for Her
2016 - Doll Parts
2016 - Rid of Me
2017 - Erinyes
2017 - Hesperides
2017 - Keres
2017 - Moirai
2018 - The Bottling Room
2018 - Four Fifty-One
2018 - It's History. It's Poetry.
2018 - Only Children Weep
2019 - Bad Reputation
2019 - Cruel Summer
2019 - Pour Some Sugar On Me
2019 - Time After Time
2019 - Shout At The Devil
2019 - Youth Gone Wild


2014 - Calaverita 
2014 - Hallowmas

2014 - Huntsman
2015 - Bela Lugosi's Dead
2015 - Lucretia, My Reflection
2015 - Spellbound
2015 - Aradia
2015 - Black Annis
2015 - Hecate
2015 - Morgan LeFey
2016 - The Bell Witch
2016 - Borley Rectory
2016 - The Island of the Dolls
2017 - Dr Van Helsing
2017 - Lucy Westenra
2017 - Mina Harker
2017 - The Weird Sisters
2017 - Death By Stereo!
2017 - One Good Scare
2017 - Room 237
2017 - This House Is Clean
2019 Part 1 & 2 - See Below*
2018 - I Be The Witch of the Wood (special request)
2019 - The Book of the Beast (special request)
2019 - Thank The Dark Lord (special request)


2014 - Ex Tenebris Lux 
2014 - Rook
2014 - Sacre Coeur 
2014 - Wintering 
2015 - And The Days Are Not Full Enough
2015 - Domination of Black
2015 - Her Kind
2015 - Waking In Winter
2016 - Black Tourmaline
2016 - Carnelian
2016 - Kyanite
2016 - Labradorite
2016 - Moonstone
2017 - Clairvoyance

2017 - Precognition
2017 - Psychokinesis
2017 - Telepathy
2017 - Telesthesia
2018 - The 2018 Winter Collection will have its own standalone release as Winter Part 2, available January 1 2020. 


Cotton Candy
Funnel Cake
Snow Cone

Agua de Jamaica
Agua de Melón

Amarena Mascarpone
Cake Batter Stracciatella
Summer Panna Cotta
Waffle Cone

Hocus Pocus
Jack O'Lantern
Trick Or Treat
Wing Of Bat

Angel Food Cake
Black Forest Cake
Tres Leches Cake
Yellow Cake Batter

Newly-offered as layering fragrances just for Resurrection 2020!
Black Cow 
Cherry Cola Float 
Vanilla Egg Cream 

Please note layering fragrances available in Parfum format will be 7.5ml travel sprays only


A Thousand Times More Fair
The Awakening
Black Sugar
The Grass Harp

La Llorona
Penny Dreadful
Swarm (not vegan)





Fragrances highlighted in orange will be available in Parfum/EdP format. 


* Special Note for certain 2019 collections: Most Fall & Halloween 2019 collection fragrances will not be available during Resurrection, due to our release schedule. In an effort to avoid overlapping releases, we have elected to not offer fragrances for Resurrection that were regularly available for sale within approximately 1 month of Resurrection, with only a few exceptions made for specially-requested best-sellers as noted in the list. 


Limited Editions:

Baker Street
Gothic Lolita
Kuro Lolita
Liber Officiorum Spirituum
Party At The Moon Tower
Supercell (very limited quantities)
The Witching Hour
They F---ing Forgot My Birthday
We're Werewolves Not Swearwolves

Anniversary, Holiday, and Discontinued GC:

A Thousand Times More Fair
Black Sugar
The Grass Harp
La Llorona
I Wanna Be An Airborne Ranger!
The Beach Party
The Garden Party
The Princess Party
The Tea Party
Mexican Hot Chocolate
Bourbon Apple Cider
I Made My Family Disappear


Spring & Summer Collections:

Merely A Madness
The Primrose Path
Enfant Terrible
Serres d'Auteuil
E Lucevan Le Stelle
Mein Herr Marquis
Eternal Return
Doll Parts
The Bottling Room
Bad Reputation
Cruel Summer
Shout at the Devil

Fall, Halloween & Winter Collections:

The Bell Witch
The Island of the Dolls
Thank the Dark Lord
Waking In Winter
Black Tourmaline

Layering Fragrances:

Cotton Candy
Snow Cone
Agua de Jamaica
Agua de Melón
Summer Panna Cotta
Waffle Cone
Angel Food Cake
Yellow Cake Batter
Cherry Cola Float
Vanilla Egg Cream



For the most part, pricing will be the same as our regular releases. 6ml perfume oils will be priced at $14-17, and 10mls at $22-26, ($20-24 and $60-$65 for Parfums) depending on the specific fragrance. Linen Mists will be priced at $14-17 per 4 ounce bottle (most fragrances will be the usual $14, with the exception of some limited editions or ultra premium/rare fragrances that are not usually offered in this format). 



You wished and we granted: This year, by popular request, we will offer a curated selection of AURA Room & Linen Mists pre-scented with Resurrection fragrances!

We also have a selection of unscented hair care and bath & body items available so that you can add your own fragrance. 

HOW TO ADD FRAGRANCE (and how much to add):

Materials needed: 

  1. A small transfer pipette for each fragrance/product. We will include one with your order if you request it in the checkout notes, but these are also available on Amazon, eBay, and at many craft or art supply stores.
  2. A clean work surface. Place some paper towels under your work area to catch any spills
  3. For lotions: a small clean spoon, mini whisk, or similar to mix in fragrance (hair products can be mixed by shaking the closed bottle)

Hand & Body Lotions: Add 0.5-.75 ml per ounce of lotion (approx 2-3 ml for a 4 ounce bottle). Mix carefully with a small spoon or a plastic coffee stir stick (you can also use the end of the disposable transfer pipette). It is not recommended to add more than 1 ml per ounce, to preserve product consistency. 

SuperNatural Hair Serums: Start with around 2 ml for a 1 ounce bottle and work your way up to desired scent strength. Stronger fragrances will typically work with 2-2.5 ml, and lighter fragrances may require a bit more. It is not recommended to add more than 5 ml of fragrance to a 1 ounce bottle, to preserve product consistency. Close the bottle and shake gently to mix in fragrance. Be careful not to over-fill the bottle or the dropper top may displace too much product. 

Detangling & Sea Salt Hair Mists: Add 3-4 ml per 4 ounce bottle, replace the top and shake well (always shake hair mist bottles prior to use. Some ingredient separation is normal with this product). To preserve product consistency do not add more than 4.5 ml to a 4 ounce bottle. 

Special Note for Linen Mists: AURA Linen Mists require the addition of fragrance concentrate (i.e. undiluted fragrance, not perfume oils). This unfortunately means that we are unable to offer unscented linen sprays for the purpose of adding your own fragrance. This year - for the first time - we HAVE made a selection of popular Resurrection fragrances available for preorder in this format, though!

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