Resurrection 2017




Resurrection is a pre-order event featuring retired, past seasonal, and limited edition fragrances available for a limited time. It offers a second chance to try out a bottle of a past fragrance that you may have missed out on, or stock up on a favorite that's no longer regularly available. 


Resurrection begins on Sunday, Jan 1 at 10:00am Central time. Pre-orders will be taken from 1/1 through 1/15. 
Once all orders are placed and the event concludes on 1/15, fragrances will be mixed and bottled to order, and they will be shipped out as they are completed. Resurrection orders will begin shipping the first week of February. 



Please remember that these are PRE-ORDERS and are not subject to our usual processing time (meaning, they may take a bit longer to ship, depending on order volume and due to the sheer number of fragrances being made available for this event). You are welcome to purchase additional, regularly-available items during the event, but please be aware that any order containing a pre-order Resurrection fragrance will ship according to the pre-order timeline (meaning, all of your items will ship together). If you would like any non-pre order items sooner, you will need to place a separate order for those items. 

Pre-orders will BEGIN shipping the first week of February. Please remember that these orders are NOT subject to our posted processing time for regular, non pre-order stock at the time of your order. 



The following fragrances will be available to pre-order during the event. Unless noted, there are no quantity limits on these. You may purchase as many bottles as you'd like. Resurrection fragrances will be sold in our standard 6ml bottle size - no samples will be available. Some fragrances will be offered in 10ml roll-ons this year, however quantities are limited for this size (quantities are NOT limited unless noted for 6ml bottles). Pricing will be $14-15 per bottle, depending on the specific fragrance. These will be available in oil format only, but we will make a selection of unscented bath & body items available for purchase if you'd like to add one of these scents to a lotion or hair serum. 


Baker Street
Christmas Town
Gothic Lolita
Kuro Lolita
Liber Officiorum Spirituum
Master Of Fright
My Whole Life is a Dark Room
Simply Meant To Be
That One Time At Your Friend's Birthday...
You Who Swallowed a Falling Star

The After Party
The Cocktail Party
The Garden Party
The Luau Party
The Masquerade Party
The Pool Party
The Princess Party
The Tea Party

Black Forest Hot Chocolate
Coconut Creme Hot Chocolate
Peppermint Hot Chocolate
Red Velvet Hot Chocolate

2015 - The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter (qty limited on this fragrance, no 10ml)
2015 - The Orchard Keeper
2015 - The Sound And The Fury
2016 - Blanket of the Dark (qty limited on this fragrance)
2016 - Merely A Madness
2016 - The Primrose Path
2016 - Storm of Fortunes (qty limited on this fragrance)
2015 - The Beautiful & Damned
2015 - Eternal Return (qty limited on this fragrance, no 10ml)
2015 - Theda
2016 - Bells for Her
2016 - Doll Parts
2016 - New Radio
2016 - Rid of Me (qty limited on this fragrance)
2016 - Shadowboxer (qty limited on this fragrance, no 10ml)
2015 - Bela Lugosi's Dead (qty limited on this fragrance)
2015 - (Every Day Is) Halloween
2015 - Lucretia, My Reflection (qty limited on this fragrance)
2015 - Spellbound
2015 - Aradia (qty limited on this fragrance)
2015 - Black Annis
2015 - Hecate
2015 - Morgan LeFey
2016 - The Bell Witch
2016 - Borley Rectory
2016 - The Island of the Dolls
2016 - Myrtles Plantation
2016 - Waverly Hills
(The 2016 Fall Collection is not included in Resurrection since it is being moved to the permanent collection)
2014 - Ex Tenebris Lux
2014 - Rook
2014 - Sacre Coeur (qty limited on this fragrance)
2014 - Wintering (qty limited on this fragrance, no 10ml) - this version of Wintering is vegan-friendly
2015 - And The Days Are Not Full Enough
2015 - Domination of Black (qty limited on this fragrance)
2015 - Her Kind
2015 - This Is Just To Say
2015 - Waking In Winter
Cloven (qty limited on this fragrance, no 10ml)
Penny Dreadful (qty limited on this fragrance, no 10ml)
Rei (qty limited on this fragrance, no 10ml)
Swarm (qty limited on this fragrance, no 10ml) (not vegan)
For Fragrance Notes please see THIS PDF 


We also made a selection of unscented bath & body items available so that you could add your own fragrance. 

HOW TO ADD FRAGRANCE (and how much to add):

Materials needed: 

  1. A small transfer pipette for each fragrance. I will include one with your order if you request it in the checkout notes, but these are also available on Amazon, eBay and at many craft or art supply stores.
  2. A clean work surface (place some paper towels under your work area to catch any spills)
  3. For lotions: a small clean spoon, spatula or mini whisk to mix in fragrance (hair products can be mixed by shaking the closed bottle)

Hand & Body Lotions: Add 0.5-.75ml per ounce of lotion (1-1.5ml for a 2 ounce jar, 2-3ml for a 4 ounce jar). Mix carefully with a small spoon, mini spatula, whisk, or even a plastic coffee stir stick (you can also use the end of the disposable transfer pipette). It is not recommended to add more than 1ml per ounce, to preserve product consistency. For ingredients and product info, see this shop category.

SuperNatural Hair Serums: Start with a small amount (around 2ml for a 1 ounce bottle) and work your way up to desired scent strength. Stronger fragrances will typically work with 2-2.5ml, and lighter fragrances may require a bit more. It is not recommended to add more than 5ml of fragrance to a 1 ounce bottle, to preserve product consistency. Close the bottle and shake to mix in fragrance. Be careful not to over-fill the bottle or the dropper top may displace too much product. For ingredients and product info (or to purchase pre-scented serums), see this page.

Detangling Hair Mists: Add 3-4ml per 4 ounce bottle, replace the top and shake well (always shake Detangler bottles prior to use. Some ingredient separation is normal with this product). To preserve product consistency do not add more than 4.5ml to a 4 ounce bottle. For ingredients and product info (or to purchase pre-scented Detanglers), see this page.

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