Falloween 2021

  Falloween 2021 Starts Friday 10/1

  💀 👻 👁 🍂 ⚰️ IT'S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR! 🌙 🍎 🍬 🎃 🔮

FALLOWEEN begins Friday, October 1st / 10:00 am Central Time



❄️ Banshee | Frozen honeycomb, wispy fog, sheer linen, spectral violet, moonflower, shattered glass

🪵 Onryō | Dry cedar heartwood, warm sandalwood, plum wine, white birch, pale vanilla, delicate pine needle, grey ash 

🎃 Revenant | Autumnal apples, saffron crocus, crisp golden leaves, unripe pumpkin, dusty hay bales, honey bourbon

🩸Strigoi | Freshly exhumed funerary boxes, a circle of salt, cold iron stake, heavy stone, stinging rain, blood, fire (premium)

🕯 Wraith | Luminous amber, divinatory tea leaves, candle wax, pomegranate, black myrrh, howling wind, otherworldly musks 

Available in Perfume oil extrait (including discovery sets), Parfum (7.5ml and 30ml), and SuperNatural Hair Serum




By popular request, welcome back a few of your favorites from past Fall & Halloween releases! These will have more LIMITED availability and fewer restocks than the 2021 collections. I was able to make a big batch of each of these just for the season, and may not be able to restock all sizes/formats once the initial stock sells through. These fragrances are all BEST sellers and I'm so happy I was able to bring them back for a little seasonal visit ;) 


🎠 DEATH BY STEREO! (Halloween 2017 Fright Night) Night air on the boardwalk, spun sugar and cider, melted ice cream, cannabis accord, whirling tendrils of nag champa

☕️ HIGHGATE CEMETERY (Fall 2020 Memento Mori) Earl Grey tea, lavender sprigs, juniper berry, ivy, gravel, crumbling cobblestones, delicate fallen leaves & soft mittens

🔮 JUST A CURSE. HAVE A NICE DAY! (Halloween 2020 Mysterious & Spooky) Dusty tea leaves, ancient musks, inky patchouli, rare spices, a smattering of ritual incense

🍵 MINA HARKER (Fall 2017 Dracula) Cold jasmine tea, ripe plum, black violets, pale skin musk

💀 PANTEÓN VIEJO DE XOXOCOTLÁN (Fall 2020 Memento Mori) Wreaths of marigold & cockscomb, dusty cocoa, canela, sugar cube, flickering votives, honey cakes

🕶 WE’RE WEREWOLVES, NOT SWEARWOLVES (Halloween 2019 LE WWDITS Trio) Ambroxan, trampled moss, soft tonka, boozy vanilla, smashed pumpkin, black coffee, acid-washed denim, wild grey musk (premium)

Available in Perfume oil extrait (including discovery sets), Parfum (7.5ml and 30ml), & SuperNatural Hair Serum



Five new fragrances that will give you GoOsEbUmPs  


🔮 Be Careful What You Wish For | Dusty magic shop shelves, dried sage leaf, crystal ball, darkened amber musks, a puff of smoke

🧪 Monster Blood | Plastic candy pails, damp concrete, licorice whips, mounds of sticky marshmallow, smoldering firewood

🎡 One Day at HorrorLand | Dark bromine water, clattering wooden boats, misty dry ice, mossy rocks, muffled din from the midway, a distant screeeeeeeam

👻 The Ghost Next Door | Sweet smoke, olibanum resin, black embers, caramel tobacco, attic wood, ectoplasm

🍫 Welcome to Camp Nightmare | Campfire s’mores, overgrown brambles, cold autumn air, toasted pumpkin, earthy musks


Available in Perfume oil extrait (including discovery sets), Parfum (7.5ml and 30ml), & SuperNatural Hair Serum


FALLOWEEN BATH & BODY COLLECTION (releasing separately later in the month!) : 

The Bath & Body fragrances will not be part of the October 1 release. They will be included in a SEPARATE release coming later in the month. This separate release will include linen mists, hair mists, as well as additional hair serums in Falloween Bath & Body collection fragrances. I'm breaking the release up into two parts this year to ensure everyone's order ships as quickly as possible. The bath/body collection release will happen once I have worked through the shipping queue for the fragrance release. 

It's possible that a fragrance may need to be changed/replaced due to batch limitations. These are currently the fragrances I am planning on bringing back for this release :) 

🔥 BONFIRE MALLOW - A sweet and smoky blend of crackling Autumn bonfire, blackened oak wood, fir needle, and fluffy vanilla marshmallow

🕯 DEADLY NIGHTSHADE - An eerie blend of night-blooming florals, dripping beeswax candles, chimney smoke, opium, and a handful of freshly-dug grave loam

🍂 HARVEST MOON - A chilly atmospheric blend of crunchy golden leaves, fireside wood, hay bales and late harvest fruits 

🍎 HOCUS POCUS - Orchard apples, cider barrels, sweet caramel, fallen leaves, crisp fall air

🦇 WING OF BAT - A haze of dragon’s blood, vanilla bean, black licorice, patchouli, blood orange

Will be available in AURA Room & Linen Mist, SuperNatural Hair Serum, and Detangling Hair Mist ONLY. Release date for these items is TBA (once I have worked down the shipping queue from the fragrance release) -- more info will be available in the next 1-2 weeks



Currently, most fragrance orders are shipping within about 5-7 business days. Due to order volume from the release I do anticipate that this timeframe will extend a bit after the release weekend, so please do check the website for processing updates! 


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