Falloween 2019


 Available: Saturday, August 31 / 10:00 am Central Time


Five new fragrances inspired by our favorite Stephen King novels


🕯DARKNESS WAS ENOUGH ('Salem's Lot, 1975) - Ancient woods, beeswax candles, spiced honey, charred amber, saffron crocus

🐈DEAD IS BETTER (Pet Sematary, 1983) - Sharp fir needles, cracked asphalt, wild blackberry thorn, grave mud, cold fur

🎈LOSERS CLUB (IT, 1986) - Rain-drenched iron, distant circus lights, candy floss, a red balloon

🔪MIND OVER MATTER (Carrie, 1974) - Sheer vanilla, black tea with milk, silver iris and delicate lace slashed with bright red musk and glowing embers

🥂REDRUM (The Shining, 1977) - The muffled din of a ghostly masquerade party - faint clink of champagne flutes, a ticking ebony clock, expensive furs, hazy hallways, and specters moving through shadow (premium)

Available in Perfume oil extrait (including discovery sets), Parfum (7.5ml and 30ml), AURA Room & Linen Mist, SuperNatural Hair Serum, Detangling Hair Mist, and Texturizing Sea Salt Hair Mist



Five of our favorite fragrances from past Fall & Halloween releases

⚰️BELA LUGOSI'S DEAD // Fall 2015 // Clove bud, tobacco absolute, smoked vanilla resin, flame (premium)

🎠DEATH BY STEREO! // Halloween 2017 // Night air on the boardwalk, spun sugar and cider, melted ice cream, cannabis accord, whirling tendrils of nag champa (Halloween 2017)

🎃(EVERY DAY IS) HALLOWEEN // Fall 2015 // An overflowing candy pail, the crunch of leather boots on fallen leaves, cold stones, damp air and a wisp of bonfire smoke (Fall 2015)

🍵MINA HARKER // Fall 2017 // Cold jasmine tea, ripe plum, black violets, pale skin musk (Fall 2017)

👻NEVER TRUST THE LIVING // Halloween 2017 LE // Ceremonial resins, tea leaves, stone statues, graveyard dirt, ectoplasm, weathered books, attic dust, autumn foliage (premium)

Available in Perfume oil extrait (including discovery sets), Parfum (7.5ml and 30ml), AURA Room & Linen Mist, SuperNatural Hair Serum, Detangling Hair Mist, and Texturizing Sea Salt Hair Mist



Five new fragrances inspired by Chilling Adventures of Sabrina


📜 THE BOOK OF THE BEAST // Wet leaves, burned parchment, a roaring bonfire, inky night sky, a slice of leftover birthday cake

🌾 MALUM MALUS // Apple peel, autumn hayride, dense corn maze, sugar pumpkin, twisted bark

🦇 THE PATH OF NIGHT // Black oak & acorn, blood moon, sticky benzoin, frankincense tears, votive candles, cold snakeskin (premium)

🧣 THANK THE DARK LORD // Spiced caramel toffees, soft wool scarf, witch’s herbs, cardamom latte, a tray of warm cookies

🧪 UNSEEN ARTS // Potion-stained vials, ancient stone floors, dusty relics, wisps of cauldron smoke, soft velvet, black vinyl (premium)



A reissue of 2018's popular HOLLYWOOD WITCHES Halloween collection

🔮WE ARE THE WEIRDOS, MISTER // The Craft // Dragon’s blood resin, cleansing white sage, snuffed-out candles, spell books, metal and ash, dusty tarot cards 

🌙WELCOME TO BURKITTSVILLE // The Blair Witch Project // Ancient stone, raven feather, forest floor, tangled roots, dark water, pitch-black musk (premium)

🍫FORMULA 86 // The Witches // Rice powder, sugar cane, warm caramel, heliotrope, tonka bean, dark chocolate

🍯REALLY MOST SINCERELY DEAD // The Wizard of Oz // Breadseed poppy, warm coconut milk, honeyed benzoin, black licorice

🐐I BE THE WITCH OF THE WOOD // The VVitch // Wheat and straw, dark forest, poisoned apple, chimney smoke, fur, blood


Both collections available in Perfume oil extrait (including discovery sets), Parfum (7.5ml and 30ml), AURA Room & Linen Mist, SuperNatural Hair Serum, Detangling Hair Mist, and Texturizing Sea Salt Hair Mist




BOOK OF SHADOWS - Smoky cedar, dead leaves, apothecary jars, jet black amber, ripe golden figs, iron cauldron (New!)

DEADLY NIGHTSHADE - An eerie blend of night-blooming florals, dripping beeswax candles, chimney smoke, opium, and a handful of freshly-dug grave loam

HARVEST MOON - A chilly atmospheric blend of crunchy golden leaves, fireside wood, hay bales and late harvest fruits 

HOCUS POCUS - Orchard apples, cider barrels, sweet caramel, fallen leaves, crisp fall air

ONE GOOD SCARE - Glowing jack-o-lanterns, charred marshmallows, roasted pumpkin seeds, falling leaves, campfire smoke (A New Addition to the bath & body lineup — originally released with the Halloween 2017 fragrance collection. A best-seller!)

WING OF BAT - A haze of dragon’s blood, vanilla bean, black licorice, patchouli, blood orange

Available in AURA Room & Linen Mist, RITUAL Whipped Soap, Hand & Body Lotion, SuperNatural Hair Serum, Detangling Hair Mist, and Texturizing Sea Salt Hair Mist



Available Friday, September 13 ONLY!

Released for a single day, fragrances in the Friday the 13th collection pay tribute to superstitions, omens, phobias, customs and lore surrounding this, the unluckiest of holidays.

Its fragrance is cryptic and transcendental; an otherworldly juxtaposition of boundless desert skies and manufactured isolation.

Arid scrub, creosote, empty night sky, yucca bloom, high desert air, aircraft fuel, barbed wire, dim fluorescent hum, Element 115, sanitized metal, [ ||||||||| REDACTED ||||||||| ]

Also available with the release are the previous five Friday the 13th fragrances:

🦇 HELIOPHOBIA - the fear of sunlight - once believed to be a telltale sign of vampirism. Its scent is shadowy and reclusive; the crumbling and overgrown garden path of a long-forgotten estate, drenched in moonlight and delicate wisps of fog, pierced with a subtle tinge of the scent of untamed fear lurking in the shadows.

🔥 HESSIAN OF THE HOLLOW - the headless rider who roams the roads and forests of Sleepy Hollow in search of his missing head. His scent is eerie and wrathful: the haze of smoke from an extinguished lantern; the sudden clatter of horse hooves on frozen ground; charred wood and distant fire; ashes and bone; iron shrapnel; and the chill of night air in a moonless forest, still damp from autumn rain.

🕯️ I BELIEVE IN MARY WORTH - you may also know her as Bloody Mary. Her fragrance is somber and haunting. Soft violet petals tinged with tarnished silver and cold glass, the flicker of candlelight in a dim room, and the terror of an unknown face peering back from the mirror.

🐺 LYCANTHROPE - a legend of ancient origin, you may know him as the wolf-man, werewolf, loup-garou, Nahual, or Rougarou. His scent is inky, animalic, warm and dark green; dense forest roots, dusty fur, and the eerie light of a full moon piercing a stormy sky.

 THE VANISHING HITCHHIKER - Soaked lace gown, bare feet on red clay, heavy air and rolling thunder, warm raindrops on a cracked windshield, screeching brakes, a flurry of fireflies, and a single puddle on an empty back seat


Available Friday, September 13 at midnight central time, while stock lasts, and won't be available again until the next Friday the 13th (12/2019 - please note that due to the next Friday the 13th coinciding with the holiday rush there may not be a NEW fragrance for December's Friday the 13th. We will be able to offer more solid information closer to the next Friday the 13th)


RELEASE DETAILS: The Fall 2019, Falloween Bath & Body, and Falloween Greatest Hits collections will release on Saturday 8/31 at 10am Central Time (UTC - 5:00)

The Halloween 2019 and Halloween Part 2 collections will release on Friday 9/13 at midnight Central Time.

September 13th's release will also include our FRIDAY THE 13th collection! (available Friday the 13th ONLY)

PROCESSING/TURNAROUND TIMES:  We look forward to our Fall & Halloween collections all year, and these releases are among our busiest of the year. We will be working around the clock to fulfill orders as quickly as possible, but many of our products are made/bottled to order; please remember that processing times may be longer than usual while we process a high volume of orders (for which we thank you all very much!). Please be sure to check the Processing Times page for details on the order queue. 

RESTOCKS:  We have taken care to stock as many products and scent options as we can for the release, but certain items like whipped soaps, lotions, and home fragrance items may sell out. We will monitor stock levels closely during the first days of the release and will do our best to restock any sold out items as quickly as we can. We typically are NOT able to restock Whipped Soaps, as these are some of the only items in our shop that are not made to order. If an item you're looking for sells out, please remember to sign up for restock notifications via each product's page, so that you'll be notified right away when it's back in stock! 


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