We are not currently scheduling new custom projects as our queue is fully booked, but are happy to place your name on the waiting list. At this time we are only able to accept custom projects during the Spring and Summer months (approx February through July), due to the higher workflow during the Fall/Winter and Holiday seasons. You are welcome to contact us to be placed on the list for the next available opening.  


Custom fragrance is a wearable work of art; the pinnacle of luxury and an incomparable expression of individuality. 

I accept signature fragrance commissions on an appointment basis. To ensure that I can devote as much time as necessary to bringing your custom perfume creation to life, I book new slots on a limited basis, typically a maximum of one or two per month. 

How It Works

Get in touch with an overall idea of what you're looking to accomplish with your custom blend, and to reserve a spot on my calendar.  Once you've confirmed your reservation, we'll work together to create your signature fragrance over a series of email consultations. I'll have some questions for you, and, of course, feel free to ask any questions of your own and share any ideas or inspiration you have for your custom fragrance. The more ideas we share, the better the outcome! 

Your custom fragrance will be blended by hand, drop by drop, and presented in a 10mL (1/3 ounce) bottle or 30mL (1 ounce) parfum extrait. The fragrance blending process isn't exactly something that can be assigned a time limit, and the process from initial consultation to bottling can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, with an average of about 3-5 weeks. Newly-mixed fragrances need a "rest" period, both after they are blended and after they have shipped. Your custom fragrance will only improve with age. 

You're welcome (and encouraged) to choose the name of your fragrance -- it was, after all, made just for you! You'll also have the option of ordering your fragrance in other sizes or formats (for example, lotions, bath products, or any number of other products that I carry now or in the future). Your formula will be carefully kept on file if you'd like to reorder at any time, and your fragrance will never be made available for sale to anyone but you, unless you authorize it. 

What I Do - And Don't Do

To ensure that we create a memorable, personal, and wearable signature fragrance together, it's best to get a few particulars out of the way before we begin. I have immense passion for my craft and a desire for every client to love their fragrance experience; however I do recognize that I am not necessarily the perfumer for everyone. I strongly recommend that, before we start a project together, you get an understanding of my "style" of fragrance design. In short: Try out my work, familiarize yourself with my approach, and if you dig it, we will probably dig working together.

Rather than looking at fragrance notes as "ingredients," I typically prefer to work from ideas or concepts. I have thousands of ingredients in my collection, as well as hundreds of pre-blended accords that can be used to create your fragrance. Listing them all in an a la carte menu style would be both overwhelming and, I feel, an inaccurate representation of the art of perfume. Certainly let me know if you have a specific idea for a note or combination of notes that you'd like to include, and together we can expand on this to create something truly beautiful and personal.  

Now, to be clear, there are a few requests that I simply will not be able to accommodate - I do not accept commissions that involve replicating existing or discontinued fragrances. There are a variety of reasons for this, foremost is the simple fact that it's next to impossible. I understand that we all have favorites, and we're sad when they've been discontinued. To that end, I am always happy to work with you to create something new and unique that might evoke a similar feel, or something in the same creative vein or olfactory family as your long-lost favorite. But duplicate I will not. 


Pricing for the full signature fragrance process, including consultation, creation and bottling, starts at $60. Additional options are available, including extra bottles, additional bottling or size options, other product types, etc.