Anniversary 2018


SIXTEEN92 is turning 4 and you're cordially invited to celebrate with us!  



July 13 - 15

All orders save 10% with code WISH

Spend $50 and save 20% with code SURPRISE

Spend $100 and save 30% with code CELEBRATE

Sale begins at Midnight CDT on 7/13!

July 13 ONLY

EXCLUSIVE GIFT WITH PURCHASE! Orders $50 & up (after discounts & before shipping) placed on July 13 receive a FREE exclusive Anniversary 6ml fragrance, Party At The Moon Tower (notes below). This fragrance will also be available for regular purchase from July 13 - 15 or while supplies last, but does not need to be added to your cart for the deal to apply (if you would like more than one bottle you are welcome to purchase additional bottles). 



A portion of proceeds from our Anniversary Sale will be donated to RAICES Family Reunification & Bond Fund  #FreeOurFamilies




Five party-themed fragrances available July 13 through approximately mid-August, or while supplies last. Two are returning favorites, and three are brand new! A limited number of samples & sample sets will be available from this collection. Samples will not be restocked after July 31st, so if you'd like to purchase samples it is recommended that you do so early, as these tend to sell out. This is to ensure that everyone has enough time to try their samples and order any full bottles or additional Anniversary products in their favorite fragrances before the collection is retired. Full sizes will be restocked periodically throughout the availability period, while supplies last. The Limited Edition Anniversary exclusive (Party At The Moon Tower) is available for purchase 7/13 - 7/15 only, and will be included as a gift with purchase for orders $50+ after discounts & before shipping on 7/13 only. 


THE BEACH PARTY - Pineapple brown sugar cake with tropical fruit filling, topped with coconut-rum frosting and a candied pineapple wedge

THE BLOCK PARTY - Rice pudding cake with a rich vanilla bean custard filling, layered with homemade apricot compote and finished with a sprinkle of powdered sugar (returning from 2017)

THE COSTUME PARTY - Butter cake with caramelized apple pie filling, topped with pumpkin chai buttercream and candy corn sprinkles

THE SLUMBER PARTY - Chocolate chip cake with brownie batter ganache, topped with cookie dough crumbles and cake batter buttercream

THE TEA PARTY - Vanilla almond birthday cake topped with Earl Grey buttercream (a best-seller, returning for its 4th year)

Anniversary collection fragrances are available in perfume oil (2ml, 6ml and 10ml), whipped soap, lotion, SuperNatural hair serum, Detangling hair mist, Sea Salt hair mist and AURA linen spray.


PARTY AT THE MOON TOWER - White cupcakes with popping candy frosting, spiked punch, faded sunscreen, lake breeze, a distant Summer bonfire 

ANNIVERSARY EXCLUSIVE L.E. - Gift With Purchase for orders $50+ after discounts & before shipping on Friday 7/13; also available for purchase July 13 - 15, while stock lasts. 6ml perfume oil format only.



This year, as "luck" would have it, our Anniversary event coincides with Friday the 13th!

This means the return of the four previous Friday the 13th fragrances, including: 

HELIOPHOBIA - the fear of sunlight - once believed to be a telltale sign of vampirism. Its scent is shadowy and reclusive; the crumbling and overgrown garden path of a long-forgotten estate, drenched in moonlight and delicate wisps of fog, pierced with a subtle tinge of the scent of untamed fear lurking in the shadows.

I BELIEVE IN MARY WORTH - you may also know her as Bloody Mary. Her fragrance is somber and haunting. Soft violet petals tinged with tarnished silver and cold glass, the flicker of candlelight in a dim room, and the terror of an unknown face peering back from the mirror.

HESSIAN OF THE HOLLOW - the headless rider who roams the roads and forests of Sleepy Hollow in search of his missing head. His scent is eerie and wrathful: the haze of smoke from an extinguished lantern; the sudden clatter of horse hooves on frozen ground; charred wood and distant fire; ashes and bone; iron shrapnel; and the chill of night air in a moonless forest, still damp from autumn rain.

LYCANTHROPE - a legend of ancient origin, you may know him as the wolf-man, werewolf, loup-garou, Nahual, or Rougarou. His scent is inky, animalic, warm and dark green; dense forest roots, dusty fur, and the eerie light of a full moon piercing a stormy sky.

...and, of course, an all-new addition to the collection:

THE VANISHING HITCHHIKER : nearly every region has a version or two of the tale of the ghostly hitchhiker. Her scent is forlorn and reminiscent of dark, lonely roads and summer storms. Soaked lace gown, bare feet on red clay, heavy air and rolling thunder, warm raindrops on a cracked windshield, screeching brakes, a flurry of fireflies, and a single puddle on an empty back seat

Friday the 13th fragrances will be available for a single day (Friday 7/13) and are sold in 6ml perfume oil extraits only. 



By popular demand, we will be offering mini-sized hair care in a selection of Summer bath & body collection and Anniversary fragrances! These include:

2 ounce mini Detanglers

2 ounce mini Sea Salt Mists

These will be available exclusively during the Anniversary event (7/13-15 or while available stock lasts).





Are you sad that one of your favorite past Anniversary fragrances didn't make it into this year's collection? No need! While these fragrances won't be included in the official 2018 Anniversary collection, we've whipped up limited batches of the following past Anniversary favorites. These will be available July 13 - 15 only, in 6ml and 10ml perfume oil format. 

THE COCKTAIL PARTY - Dark chocolate Devil’s Food cake with caramelized fig compote and whiskey ganache

THE GARDEN PARTY - Meyer lemon honey cake soaked in rosewater and jasmine simple syrup, topped with a citrus glaze and candied rose petals

THE HEN PARTY - Buttermilk red velvet cupcakes with marshmallow fluff centers, topped with Merlot frosting

THE SURPRISE PARTY - (Last  year's GWP) Confetti cake with cake batter frosting, graham cracker ice cream sandwiches with rainbow sprinkles, orange sherbet punch, birthday candles, paper party hats and crepe paper streamers



Layering Fragrances from our Aguas Frescas collection are back for a limited time! Originally released as a Summer 2017 bath & body line, these are back in perfume oil format for the Anniversary event (available July 13 until stock runs out -- we have made a single batch of these layering fragrances and most likely won't be able to restock these after they're gone). These will be available in perfume oil format in 6ml and 10ml sizes. 


AGUA DE JAMAICA - Flor de Jamaica (hibiscus flower) and rosehips, sweetened with a touch of honey and garnished with a fresh blackberry

AGUA DE MELÓN - Ripe watermelon and honeydew with freshly-squeezed lime juice, sweetened with agave nectar

HORCHATA - Sweet rice milk with vanilla bean, cinnamon and almonds



We've scheduled a hair care restock for the Anniversary event, and all full-sized hair care will be available in all current general catalogue/seasonal fragrances, as well as an Unscented option if you'd like to add your own fragrance. We will also be restocking all general catalogue and seasonal perfume oils, most seasonal lotions, and AURA linen sprays, so there will be plenty of stock available during the sale. Please note that most Parfums will NOT be able to be restocked prior to the Anniversary event, so what you see available in this category is likely all there is for now. We will restock Parfums (including Summer seasonals) as soon as possible, but this likely will not happen until later in the month. 

After the Anniversary sale ends, we will be temporarily REMOVING all non-fragrance items from the website (these include all made-to-order items: lotions, most hair care, and linen sprays) so that we can complete the order queue as quickly and efficiently as possible after the sale. These items will return either later in the Summer or (more likely) for the Fall releases, beginning in approximately late August/early September. Please keep this schedule in mind if you've had your eye on a Summer-scented bath/body, hair care, or home fragrance product! 


Details & Fine Print:

Sale will start Friday 7/13 at midnight (11:59:59pm 7/12) and end at 11:59pm Sunday 7/15. All times are listed in CDT (UTC -5:00)

Limit one gift with purchase per customer / per address. Qualifying purchase amount must be met with a single order. To receive the free gift, your order must total $50USD after any discounts, and before shipping. No substitutions. Do not add the GWP fragrance to your qualifying order unless you wish to purchase additional bottle(s). The Gift With Purchase is ONLY available for orders placed on July 13 (12:00am through 11:59:59pm Central Time). If you would like to receive the GWP fragrance, please verify that your qualifying order has been placed during the available window in the CDT time zoneThe GWP will be added to your qualifying order manually, and will not appear on your invoice or order/shipping confirmation emails.

Due to order volume we will not be able to offer combined shipping or hold any orders during the Anniversary sale, nor will we be able to hold any orders placed prior to 7/13 to combine with Anniversary orders, unless prior arrangements have been made. In some cases we may catch and combine orders placed on the same day, at our discretion, but cannot guarantee that any orders can be combined during the Anniversary sale. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding!

Create Your Own sample sets will not be available during the Anniversary sale (these are typically not available during any site-wide sale), but samples of most fragrances will be available for individual purchase, and a limited number of seasonal/collection sample packs will be available. There will be no samples available for the exclusive Anniversary GWP, "Anniversary Favorites" reissues, Friday the 13th collection fragrances, or layering fragrances, as these are limited edition products.

During the Anniversary sale, the free domestic shipping threshold will be temporarily raised from $100 to $150. The Free Domestic Shipping option will apply to US orders $150+ after any discounts are applied.

Due to order volume, and to ensure that everyone's orders are processed as quickly as possible, we are not able to accommodate any changes to your Anniversary order once it is placed. The single exception to this policy is a request to update the shipping address associated with your order. If you do realize that you made a mistake when placing your order, you may request an order cancellation and can re-order the correct items. However we cannot guarantee that cancellations will take place immediately, so these requests are placed at your own risk, and items may be sold out or the sale may be over once your cancellation is processed (typically 24 business hours). If you forgot an item, you will need to place a second order for that item, but please remember that we will be unable to offer combined shipping during the sale. We apologize for any inconvenience. PLEASE double-check your order before placing it so that no one is left in an unfortunate predicament!

Discount codes cannot be "stacked." Please choose the available promotional code that offers you the most savings. Codes must be entered at checkout (on the last checkout page, prior to confirming your order - NOT in the "order notes" box or anywhere else on the checkout page), and discounts do not apply to orders placed before 7/13 (12:00am CDT) or after 7/15 (11:59pm CDT). Circle member seasonal 30% discount codes are not valid on Anniversary collection items. Discounts apply to in-stock items only. No rain-checks and no discount adjustments for orders placed outside of the sale period outlined above. 

We will be working around the clock to fulfill orders as quickly as possible, but many of our products are made and/or bottled to order; please remember that processing times may be longer than usual while we process a high volume of orders (for which we thank you all very much!). 

We are sorry but we will not be able to guarantee that free samples (other than the free gift with purchase for qualifying orders) will be included in Anniversary orders due to stock availability and order volume. We did stock up on some fun treats, though :)


Be sure to watch our Facebook page or join us in our Facebook Group to be the first to find out about new releases and special promotions! 

Please remember that processing times may be extended during periods of high order volume. Thank you ALL so much for your support!

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