2021 Updates


Updates & New Stuff Coming in 2021

I think we are pretty much all on the same page that 2020 was a dumpster fire. In an effort to make 2021 (much) better, I've been working on some changes and updates to... well, everything! Lots of stuff here, so I've tried to break it up into bits. Thank you all for hanging in there with us this year, and let's toast to a less-weird 2021!


The 2020 Winter Collection arrives January 15

As I announced back in November, the 2020 Winter collection had to be delayed a bit due to scheduling conflicts and supply chain delays. It will be released on Friday, January 15. You can check out the collection announcement on IG here

Since this timeline, coupled with some of the other changes coming up (read on!), makes for a bit of a “short” season, we will be keeping the winter collection in stock until well after the Spring release, so everyone should have plenty of time to order and enjoy.

Owing again to the weird schedule, there sadly won’t be able to be a standalone Winter Part 2 collection this year, but lots of your Winter favorites will be available during Resurrection 2021 (keep reading ;) )



Resurrection 2021 is coming in February

(with some changes)

After some unprecedented delays last year due to 2020’s various shenanigans, we’ve had to make a few changes to how Resurrection will work. Our goal is to be able to bring back your favorite fragrances while avoiding lengthy and frustrating delays, and here is how we can best accomplish this:

The number of fragrances available will be limited

The sheer number of fragrances in our archive is just getting too large to manage for a single event, so we will have to limit availability to only those fragrances that are most in demand. I have published a survey that allows you to vote for some of your favorites that you’d like to see brought back for this year’s event. If your favorite doesn’t make the cut (or isn’t on the survey this year due to a component issue), don’t worry! It’s rare that a fragrance is truly “gone for good,” and there will likely be other opportunities to see it return :)

>> Visit the survey here and VOTE for the fragrances you'd like to see included in this year's Resurrection event << 


This year’s Resurrection will include ONLY fragrance items

Previously, we’ve been able to include things like linen sprays and hair care items in resurrection scent options, but unfortunately we need to take a little break from this practice this year. These items take longer to make and ship, and tend to contribute to shipping backlogs and delays. I am, of course, looking into bringing these other options back for future events as soon as I find a way that we can make it work! For the time being, though, this year’s Resurrection will include only perfume oil (6 & 10ml) as well as select fragrances in Parfum format.


ONLY Resurrection pre-order fragrances will be available from Feb 1-28

Regularly available fragrance items (i.e. non-Resurrection listings) will be *unavailable* in the shop while we complete a shop inventory, catch up on the remaining shipping queue, and transition to a ready-to-ship schedule. The ONLY items available in the shop during the month of February will be our Resurrection catalog. Everything else will be back and ready to go again (and more efficiently - read on ;)) on March 1.



New, Ready-To-Ship schedule begins after Resurrection '21

When the main catalog returns after Resurrection, all general catalog and current seasonal fragrances will be pre-bottled and ready to ship, instead of primarily bottled to order as we’ve done previously. While the made-to-order model worked well for us for years, over the past year it’s become clear that it has contributed to delays and just isn’t working anymore.

For MOST products, what you see in stock on the website will be ready to go, and our hope is that this will significantly reduce shipping lead times (meaning that most orders will ship in a week or less). Some items may still be made to order, but this will always be noted and will be the exception rather than the rule.

This does mean that certain things may sell out more quickly than we are used to (especially at first while we are all acclimating to the new schedule), but I’ll be monitoring carefully so that we can adequately plan restocks and make the new process as seamless as possible.


Hair Mists (detangling mists and sea salt mists) will be *temporarily* discontinued

We’ve found that these items tend to delay shipping schedules more than other items, so we will be taking a little break on these FOR NOW.

Linen sprays and SuperNatural hair serums are not impacted and will remain available, although they will now be pre-stocked so there will likely be periods of unavailability while we acclimate to the new stock process.

I am hopeful that we will be able to bring your favorite hair mist products back in the near future, and am sorry for any disappointment this might cause in the interim.

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