Summer 2021 Collection Sets

Summer 2021 Collection Sets

A set of all five fragrances from the Summer Mix Tape (Summer 2021) collection. Available as a sample discovery set (2ml), and in 6ml bottles or 10ml roll-ons.

Sample vials for fragrances marked Premium will be filled approximately 2/3 by weight

Included fragrances: 


🌤 ALL APOLOGIES (Nirvana) Warm solar accord, cetalox, clear skies, paper flowers

🌲 EVEN FLOW (Pearl Jam) Red cedar, worn flannel, cannabis, motor oil, rainy coffee shop windows

🍋 OUTSHINED (Soundgarden) Limoncello, coconut water, powdered sugar, beach grass, cherry snow cone

🥀 PRETEND WE'RE DEAD (L7) Black iris, new leather, annatto, whisky, smoke

🌙 WICKED GARDEN (Stone Temple Pilots) Night dew, thick jasmine vines, limestone, mango flower, earth (Premium)


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