Saturday Morning Collection Sets


Sets of all five Spring/Summer 2023 (Saturday Morning) Collection fragrances. Available as a sample discovery set, or in collection sets of perfume oil extrait and Parfum.

Included fragrances: 

🦄 CHASING RAINBOWS // Pistachio crumb, candy floss accord, coconut palm, fizzy cola

🎸 GLITTER AND GOLD // Cherry limeade, glitter lipgloss, summer honeysuckle, delicate tuberose

⚔️ INTO ETHERIA // Whispering woods, crumbled stone, glistening opal, golden beacons of light

🎢 RACECARS, LASERS, AIRPLANES // Hot metal accord, chlorinated water, splash pools, cinnamon-dipped churros

📼 RETURN TO THUNDERA // Worn VHS tapes, new action figures, TV static, cut grass