Summer 2020 Collection Sets

Summer 2020 Collection Sets

A complete set of all five Summer 2020 collection fragrances. Available as a sample discovery set (2ml), 6ml bottles, or 10ml roll-ons. 

Format - Perfume oil extrait
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Included Fragrances:

🦄 CUT. IT. OUT. // Full House // slumber party gossip, new shampoo, glitter lipgloss, ice cream floats, cream soda, chilled sugar cookies, raspberry body wash

🏖 GOOD MORNING, BAYSIDE HIGH // Saved By The Bell // sun-baked cement, rows of metal lockers, sprinklers on dry grass, towering palms, beach sand, shaved ice

🌙  it hurts to look at you // My So-Called Life // summer bonfire, petrichor, night sky, lonely manicured lawns, oil puddles in parking lots, fresh hair dye, the feel of his shirt against my elbow (premium)

🍑 MY OPINIONATION // Blossom // peach syrup, dried apricot, green fig leaf, torn notebook pages and pencil shavings, crushed velvet, and a waft of incense from your brother’s room

📚 SICK, SAD WORLD // Daria // dry breakfast cereal, steamed milk, used bookstore, crisp newspaper, wool jacket, knee-high black boots


Sample vials for fragrances marked "premium" are filled approximately 2/3

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