Spring 2019 - Collection Sets


A full set of all five POISON GARDEN (Spring 2019) Collection fragrances. Available as a sample set (2ml), 6ml bottles, and 10ml roll-ons. 

Included Fragrances:

ACONITUM // wolfsbane, tangled roots, wildflower field, metal, storm, rock, black fur, wild musk
ATROPA BELLADONNA // nightshade berry, narcotic flowers, green tomato, green pepper, soil, broomstick, velvet plum
CONIUM MACULATUM // hemlock flower, citrus blossom, coumarin, lavender spike, tobacco leaf, castoreum, oak, bergamot, dried iris (premium)
DATURA METEL // datura blossom, sweet almond, rosewater, sugar cube, vanilla orchid, moth wing, wild honeycomb
NERIUM OLEANDER // white & pink oleander, heliotrope, apple seed, sweet custard, pineapple, thyme, coconut water


Samples for fragrances marked premium are filled approx. 2/3. 

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