Supercell 2019 - Limited Edition Single Batch

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Tornado Alley. There's a stillness, a quiet chaos of an oncoming storm. 

SUPERCELL is a conceptual, atmospheric fragrance that bottles the essence of a Spring thunderstorm. The first cracks of ozonic lightning in the distance, rolling humid air, sharp green grass under heavy grey skies, the smell of rain on hot asphalt, crushed green stems, windblown hay, soaked earth, and ancient branches snapped open by the forces of nature.

Our first batch of Supercell was released in Spring 2015, and it's returned periodically in extremely limited releases. Only a single batch is made for each release, and each year's batch is unique. This year's batch is available in oil format in our standard 6ml bottles and 10ml roll-ons, and in a limited number of Parfum Extrait 7.5ml travel sprays.


While we will endeavor to make as many bottles available as we can, quantities are still limited and this fragrance is available while stock last. 

Please note that due to order volume during seasonal and limited edition releases our order processing times may be extended.

☾ The Calm Before (Top Notes) ☽
Electric ozone, sharp green grasses, asphalt

☾ The Storm (Middle Notes) ☽
Petrichor, windblown hay, damp florals

☾ The Aftermath (Base Notes) ☽
Crushed stems, soaked earth, cracked branches

☾ Fragrance Family: ☽
Conceptual, Atmospheric, Ozonic, Dark Floral, Green, Wet, Unisex

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