Spring 2021 - Monoceros

Spring 2021 - Monoceros
From the Spring 2021 Collection, The Book Of Stars, inspired by constellations & the night sky


MONOCEROS - The Unicorn - Introduced fairly recently (in the 17th century), Monoceros represents the Unicorn. It is a fairly faint constellation, containing only a few named stars, and belongs to the Orion family of constellations. Several nebulae are located within this constellation (including the Rosette Nebula, Cone Nebula, and Hubble's Variable Nebula), and it is also home to one of the solar system's nearest known black holes. 

Brightest star: Beta Monocerotis (actually a triple star system and not a single star)


☾ Notes: ☽

Sweet peach, sugar cane, coconut cream, almond paste, silken musks

☾ Fragrance Family: ☽
A soft, creamy gourmand with fresh fruity notes

Try if you like: Bette, Mercy Lewis, Peachy F--ing Keen

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