Bruise Violet Parfum

Bruise Violet Parfum
Bruise Violet Parfum
Bruise Violet Parfum
Bruise Violet Parfum

You see the stars through eyes
lit up with lies
Babes in Toyland - Bruise Violet

A retro-modern lipstick and iris floral that captures classic vintage elegance with a wink of youthful rebellion.

Concentration: Parfum / Extrait de Parfum

Hand-poured to order in 10ml travel sprays and 1 ounce (30ml) glass bottles. 


PLEASE NOTE: Due to global supply chain disruptions we will be TEMPORARILY using a different bottle for 30ml Parfums (please see the last listing photo for an example of the temporary bottle).

I know consistency in any collection is important to everyone, so I do apologize for this temporary packaging switch! To offset any inconvenience, I have marked all 30ml Parfums $5 off their usual price; this discount does not require a code, and the discounted price will be valid until our old bottles return.



☾ Notes: ☽
Red lipstick accord, dusting powder, white iris, violet leaf, Damascus & Bulgarian rose, red grapefruit zest

Winner, 2017 Art + Olfaction Awards, Artisan Category

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