Venomous Collection - Chironex fleckeri


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From the Winter 2022/23 Collection, Venomous, inspired by venomous creatures

Chironex fleckeri (Southcott, 1956)
Common Name: Australian Box Jellyfish, Sea Wasp
Native To: Coastal waters of Australia & New Guinea
Toxicity: Stings are painful but rarely fatal to humans with an LD50 of 0.04mg/kg. 


Available sizes & formats: 

- 2ml sample & 6ml roll-on perfume oil extrait
- 10ml & 30ml Parfum extrait (alcohol-based) 


☾ Notes: ☽

Winter snowdrop, Jasmin green tea, mountain fog, wild mint, ice water

☾ Smells Like: ☽
Delicate, ethereal, and watery