Texturizing Sea Salt Hair Mist - Summer Collection

Texturizing Sea Salt Hair Mist - Summer Collection


Please note Sea Salt Mists are only available with our Summer releases and are made in smaller batches than other hair care products; as a result they tend to sell out more quickly and cannot be restocked regularly. Please order early if there's a scent you really want!



🎀  CRUSHCRUSHCRUSH (Paramore) :: High-angle selfies for MySpace vibes :: Orange rock candy, whipped marshmallow fluff, bourbon vanilla, neroli, toasted sugar

☠️ I’M NOT A VAMPIRE (Falling In Reverse) :: Why do you never leave your room vibes :: Black pepper and crystallized ginger, summer bonfire, sweet tobacco, leather bound books, warm spiced amber, a stiff drink

🎩 I WRITE SINS NOT TRAGEDIES (Panic! At The Disco) :: Kind of a big deal on LiveJournal vibes :: Bee pollen, wilted tea rose, golden orange, stone fruit blossoms, honeyberry, olibanum, cashmere musks (p)

💄 THANK YOU FOR THE VENOM (My Chemical Romance) :: It’s not a f#%ing phase vibes :: Cherry lipgloss, smudged liner, orris, woody vanilla, bitter almond, cannabis flower accord, smokeshop incense

🎤 THIS AIN’T A SCENE IT’S AN ARMS RACE (Fall Out Boy) :: Late-night coffeehouse after the show vibes :: Polished wooden booths, coffee milkshakes, brick walls, crumpled concert set lists, clove cigarettes (p)

☀️ VERY HANDSOME AWKWARD (The Used) :: Awkward family vacation vibes :: Amalfi lemon, sparkling prosecco, white rum, coconut palm, dry beach grasses, sand everywhere


Enjoy textured beach waves year round with this natural sea salt hair mist. 

Dead Sea Salts: Adds texture and volume
Epsom Salts: A natural volumizer 
Organic Coconut Oil: 
Promotes healthy moisture and allows the salts to do their texturizing thing without damaging or drying out your locks. 
Aloe Vera
: Works wonders in many hair products by promoting healthy shine, softening the hair and controlling frizzy flyaways without weighing down your hair. 
Marshmallow Root: Hydrates and provides natural shine. 

How to use: Spritz onto damp hair, scrunch with a towel and allow to air dry. Can also be sprayed onto dry hair to add texture and separation without the wave. As with any new hair care product, it is recommended that you start with a small amount and work your way up after you've experienced how the product works with your hair type. Due to the presence of coconut oil, if your hair or scalp is naturally oily it is recommended that you focus on the length and ends of your hair rather than spraying directly onto the roots or scalp. For hair that is very fine and usually doesn't hold a wave, try spritzing onto damp hair before bed. Put your hair in a loose bun and allow to set overnight. You'll wake up to longer-lasting waves!

Shake bottle before use. Ingredients may naturally separate.

Special Note - during the colder months the coconut oil may partially solidify during transit or storage. This is perfectly normal and does not indicate any problems with the product. Just shake the bottle prior to use, and store in a warm (room temp) environment. You may also unscrew the cap and use the dip tube to gently "stir" the product if the sprayer gets clogged. 

✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ Ingredients ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖

Purified water, aloe vera gel, dead sea salt, coconut oil, epsom salt, mallow root extract, polysorbate 20, fragrance blend, liquid germall+ (preservative)

This product is vegan, never ever tested on animals, & handmade from scratch

Net weight 4 ounces (apprx 120ml)

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