Bath, Body & Hair Care - UNSCENTED

Bath, Body & Hair Care - UNSCENTED

A selection of UNSCENTED Bath/Body and Hair Care items are being made available during Resurrection, allowing you to customize with your own fragrance. SuperNatural Hair Serum bottles will arrive approximately 90% full so that you will have room to add fragrance directly to the bottle.

 HOW TO ADD FRAGRANCE (and how much to add):

Please note that the instructions below are referring to OIL-BASED fragrances and not Parfums. Adding alcohol-based Parfum to these products is not recommended as this format may not mix reliably.  

Materials needed: 

  1. A small transfer pipette for each fragrance. We can include one with your order if you request it in the checkout notes, but these are also available on Amazon, eBay and at many craft or art supply stores.
  2. A clean work surface (place some paper towels under your work area to catch any spills)
  3. For lotions: a small clean spoon or similar utensil to mix in fragrance (hair products can be mixed by shaking the closed bottle)

Hand & Body Lotions: Add 0.5-.75ml per ounce of lotion (2-3ml for a 4 ounce bottle). Mix carefully with a small spoon, or even a plastic coffee stir stick (you can also use the end of the disposable transfer pipette). Replace top tightly and shake gently. It is not recommended to add more than 1ml per ounce, to preserve product consistency. For ingredients and product info, see this shop category.

SuperNatural Hair Serums: Start with a small amount (around 2ml for a 1 ounce bottle) and work your way up to desired scent strength. Stronger fragrances will typically work with 2-2.5ml, and lighter fragrances may require a bit more. It is not recommended to add more than 5ml of fragrance to a 1 ounce bottle, to preserve product consistency. Close the bottle and shake to mix in fragrance. Be careful not to over-fill the bottle or the dropper top may displace too much product. For ingredients and product info (or to purchase pre-scented serums), see this page.

Detangling Hair Mists & Texturizing Sea Salt Hair Mists: Add 3-4ml per 4 ounce bottle, replace the top and shake well (always shake hair mist bottles prior to use. Some ingredient separation is normal with this product). To preserve product consistency do not add more than 4.5ml to a 4 ounce bottle. For ingredients and product info (or to purchase pre-scented hair mists), see this page.


Why No AURA Linen Sprays? AURA Linen Sprays require the addition of fragrance concentrate (i.e. undiluted fragrance, not perfume oils). This unfortunately means that we are unable to offer unscented linen sprays for the purpose of adding your own fragrance. This year - for the first time - we HAVE made a selection of popular Resurrection fragrances available for preorder in this format, though!

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